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GoneVoIP is Canada's largest Telecommunications Directory with 601 Telecom Service Providers listed and reviewed. Providing the best information, web interface and quotation tool so it is easy to visualize users' experiences while shopping around. Allowing to find crucial details required to make an informed buying decision. Compare prices, read users reviews, ask questions, request service quotations and check on promotions. Learn all about possible caveats and options.

The fact is that the telecommunications industry in Canada has been changing, however slow, it is getting better. Today is easier than ever to compare, chose and switch providers. This is the most complete and upto date comprehensive list with all the traditional and alternative Telecom Service Providers in Canada.

Updated, Easy to Read and Complete

Logically, GoneVoIP hosts the most users reviews for Telecom Providers in Canada with 10588 reviews. You may be surprised to learn that some of the best and Canada's most popular providers are not the ones doing TV advertising. Find and determine the Telecom Providers best to avoid altogether and which ones may be the best kept secrets in the telecom industry.

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