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Call-One Communications
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$23.95 $125.00 $59.95

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Call One Communications is a Canadian based telecommunications company. Their company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. Call One was founded on January 1, 1997.

Call One Communications is a division of LOGIX Data Products Inc. The LOGIX mandate is to exceed customer’s expectations through the design and implementation of industry proven technology.

Call-One offers all the main telecommunications options including residential phone, residential Internet, Internet TV and business VOIP options.

For our review of Call One Communications, we will focus on their residential phone services.

Call One Communications offers one main residential VOIP plan which checks in at $23.95 per month.

This plan includes free features such as 911 service, unlimited local calling, voicemail, voicemail-to-email, call display, call waiting, three-way calling, and call forwarding.

Additional features such as call answering, call return, call screening, call privacy, and visual call waiting all are additional features that can be added at $2.95 per month each.

It is worth mentioning that the company also offers the full package of high-speed internet, home phone and a TV package starting at $39.95 per month. This means you get the additional services of Internet and TV for only an additional $17 per month from the home phone package.

The company also has additional fees and charges for equipment and other miscellaneous options. If you require an analog to VOIP converter there will be a one-time charge of $59.95. If you do not need this converter than the fee is waived.

Finally, there is a $125.00 charge for an on-site digital phone installation. Therefore, if you order residential VOIP with no additional features, then you are looking at a one-time total of $226.85 which includes the first month of service.

In our review of Call One Communication, we came away extremely pleased with the transparency of the company, as they list every charge you are looking at for signing up. This is hardly the normal strategy for most of the companies we review so it is a nice change of pace.

Having said that, transparency alone does not equate to a company that we can recommend. $225 is a lot of money to sign up for a residential VOIP service.

We really wish companies would list exactly what to expect the way Call One Communications does; however, the transparency in pricing alone is not enough for us to recommend signing up for a residential VOIP with an initial investment of over $200.

Call One has offices in Mississauga, Toronto, BC, and Alberta; however, it does not state on their site which areas they specifically serve which is another negative.

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