Best Home Phone Providers Canada

When it comes to home phone services in Canada, the times are changing. The old landline service continues to decline. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) residential phone providers have become the popular choice for Canadians’ home phone plans.

Much of this has to do with the fact that more than 90% of Canadians now have high-speed internet connections in their homes. Thus, making it easier than ever to ditch the landline and make the switch to a VoIP phone. Of course, there are many more advantages to VoIP than just being able to cancel your landline telephone service. For one, switching to a digital phone comes with significant cost savings.

In fact, you could save over $600 per year on your home phone bill. Imagine that! Just by choosing an internet phone over a traditional landline.  Below, you’ll find a comparison of Canada’s Best VoIP Residential Phone Providers, with editorial reviews outlining each provider’s plans’ and hidden costs, if any.

Finally, we show who has the best users review trend in the Canadian Residential VoIP market, over the last five years. Instantly compare the Best Residential Phone plans in 2022.

Choosing The Best Home Phone Plan

That’s where GoneVoIP comes in. Our database of over 10,000 user reviews, thousands of questions, and answers. There are over 170 providers! Find all the info, along with price comparisons between leading providers this all makes it easy to choose. From the best, cheap phone services in your area. We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to! Below, we provide a full list of all VoIP Home Phone providers in Canada.

VoIP Much Phone Company Inc.

Best Home Phone Canada

VoIP Much Phone Company
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Why You Should Consider A VoIP Home Phone Plan?

In addition to cutting your phone bill down significantly, the majority of VoIP providers in Canada offer numerous extra features alongside a low monthly rate. These features include, but are not limited to:

  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Unlimited Number of Lines
  • Lower International Call Rates
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Easy Setup
  • Contract-Free Options

As you can see from the list above, the main advantage of choosing VoIP over a landline (besides saving money) is having more control over your calling experience. Since VoIP services rely on an internet connection rather than a copper wire running underground, there is considerably more room for integration with your existing communications technology, such as voicemail to text and using your existing mobile phone as a home handset. You also don’t need to worry about picking and choosing features such as call waiting and transferring, as these come standard with VoIP services.

The above-listed features offer arguably the most compelling reasons for adopting a digital home phone plan, but the one that is likely most relevant to a growing number of Canadians is international call savings. According to the 2016 Census on Immigration Population, Canada welcomed over 1.2 million immigrants between 2011 and 2016, with the majority coming from Southeast Asian countries such as India and the Philippines. Unfortunately, overseas long-distance rates are still outrageously expensive on landline connections from Bell, Rogers, or Telus. However, because VoIP calls travel over the internet and don’t rely on undersea cables to reach their destination, international rates are generally much better across the board. This makes VoIP home phone service an attractive proposition for new immigrants and other Canadians who wish to stay in touch with relatives overseas. The good news is that VoIP services are abundant in major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary that host some of the country's most diverse populations, meaning that there is no shortage of providers available with competitive international rates. For more information on the best long-distance calling services, be sure to read Gonevoip’s rundown of Canada’s Top 5 International Calling Plans.

Can You Rely On VoIP Technology?

In spite of VoIP technological leaps, IP phone technology has truly improved in quality as internet broadband become widely available in recent years. Hence there is still an element of distrust when it comes to the Internet-based phone service. Part of the reason for this distrust is that landline telephones have a reputation for being very reliable. While it’s true that VoIP calling will never truly match the reliability of landline telephones, the divide is only becoming smaller with each passing year because of continued investment in VoIP technology (the industry is expected to grow to $140 billion by 2021).

The other issue at play is that there are hundreds of VoIP providers across Canada and many of them provide consumers with vague information on their services and availability. Adding to the frustration is that some of the biggest VoIP providers in the country, such as Comwave and Primus, are overcharging for their services and receive very poor service reviews (be sure to check out Gonevoip’s blog article “Are Home Phones Obsolete?” for the full story). That being said, we also know that overall, Canadians are satisfied with VoIP calling. According to the 2018 CRTC Communications Monitoring Report, only 0.2% of complaints received pertained to VoIP services. So we’ve established that VoIP phones offer better value for consumers and that Canadians are satisfied overall with the technology, but how can consumers possibly make an informed decision on choosing a service provider in such a crowded market?

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