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Website: voip.ms
Devices: Sip Client
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, ON, SK, QC & NS
Monthly : $4.25 CAD

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August 30, 2022
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Submitted by: Brenda J Dobson (Lake Loon , NO)
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Great VoIP service!

VoIP.ms has wonderful service and support. Their call quality is as good as it gets and they are very helpful with any questions you have. They are much, much cheaper than a landline. You can talk until you cannot talk any more and still not come close to the cost of a landline these days. Great company. Definitely would recommend them.
September 5, 2019
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Submitted by: kirk h (E , AB)
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Love Voip.MS

They are the best in my honest experience.

Stellar customer service.
Reliable good quality servers.
Great rates.

They offer best value over all hands down.
June 1, 2019
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Submitted by: Dan Lee (Toronto , ON)
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Exceedingly poor customer service.

I needed to call a US embassy this week. INTL calls are blocked on all accounts until you submit your ID to their online form. Form says they'll unlock INTL calls within 24 hours. That was Thursday. Still ignored through Wednesday, I had to go into chat but INTL calls were now clearly unlocked to make INTL calls.

When I went to make the call their servers were not configured to allow service. I'm not a novice at SIP clients and following their setup guides. The problem really was they hadn't configured routing correctly in their server. I informed them and they blamed the inbuilt Android SIP client and asked I used Zoiper. Same problem with Zoiper because they hadn't setup the routes in their server. I even sent them a screen recording and screenshots making it all unmistakable the problem was on their end.

A day later, without apologizing for not acknowledging the problem was on their end and wasting a bunch of my time, they messaged back "it's possible to enable the routes to your account for the destination you've reported, however, please note that calls to this destination will have a rate of $0.34" That's interesting because their call rate sheet advertised $0.06. I say go ahead and do it because I don't expect them to lose money and I just want it working finally. They promise they've "enabled the routes."

Another day later, nope, yet again they failed to actually do it. I inform them. The say they'll fix it.

Another day later I try a final time. Nope still not fixed. I sign up for Google Voice which works immediately and just say they handled fixing it exceedingly poor. Their response...not an apology but suggesting I was using the incorrect dial codes which was demonstrably wrong given our correspondence and the screen recording I'd sent them.
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Setup Fee Long Distance Rates

Canada: $0.005
USA: $0.01
Intl. Minutes: 0

Voip.ms was established in Montreal, QC in 2007.VoIP.ms specializes in providing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and chose as you go/tiered pricing type of telecommunications solutions. Generally speaking VoIP.ms audience and target market are a technically savvy one.

There is a great array of options and flexibility on configuring the services offered by Voip.ms, from the features that would be present, such as Caller ID, to the call routing itself. For the non-technical person, it could be overwhelming; for those technically savvy it could represent a good alternative and may as well save some money. Voip.ms does offer the ability to acquire International DIDs; which as usual have to be paid monthly. These could then be set up to ring (forward) to some other Canadian number.

The International calling rates on Voip.ms are typically good but for example, if you are using a Long Distance provider such as Rebtel you could save some more. For example, for calls to India New Delhi the typical rate at Voip.ms is $0.0214 and at Rebtel is $0.015 Thus you can see how could you save if you do use for international calls. In VoIP.ms Terms of Service offer enlighting advice to have a backup line in case their service does not deliver,  oddly worded the quality of service is noted "as-is".  The twitter feed of VoIP.ms does give an indication of the frequency and duration of which their services are impacted.

In any event, a similar type of Build Your Own VoIP service is Call Centric (named Best BYOD of 2015) Call Centric's website we found it to be less rustic with a more intuitive user interface, smoother navigation and while all Terms of service have the usual legal language, Call Centric's Terms are less bitter, user-friendlier if you will. 

For those looking for a BYOD solution, but not having to go through the raw and complexities of figuring out call routing and choosing individual features may also find in Phone Power is an alternative.

Regrettably, for all the legendary status VoIP.ms can be associated with, there is a darker side to it. Where bad business attitudes and despicable practices mix. Combined with lack of social skills and cockiness make a toxic cocktail. As shown in this thread in DSLReports. VoIP.ms staff initiated a clear attempt of vilification against GoneVoIP. That campaign happened simultaneously via Facebook, with beyond pejorative and certainly abusive comments on GoneVoIP's Facebook page - which we had them removed. 

We @gonevoip believe in diversity, making comparisons and choices for all and anyone, regardless of technical skill levels, and certainly, like our very freedom of speech. Ultimately you, the consumer shall determine and weigh what the DSLReports thread in question says about VoIP.ms, their ethic and if it is someone you want to do business and deal with. 


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