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Best Business Phone Canada
77 Reviews


Month: $20

Setup: FREE

23 Reviews


Month: $17.11

Setup: FREE

0 Reviews
Month: $14.99

12 Reviews


Month: $15

0 Reviews


Month: $21.95

0 Reviews
Month: $20

Setup: FREE

Best Residential Phone Canada
373 Reviews


Month: $ 9.45

Setup: FREE

7 Reviews


Month: $8.95

Setup: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

10 Reviews
Month: $0

Setup: FREE

20 Reviews
Month: $11.21

Setup: FREE

75 Reviews


Month: $4.99

Setup: FREE

9 Reviews


Month: $7.70

Setup: FREE

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Best Residential Internet Canada

CIK Telecom Inc 322 Reviews Month: $69.99 / mo. 138 Reviews Month: $65 / mo.
Setup: $FREE

Best Small Business Phone Plans Canada

RingCentral for Small Business View More Month: $24.99
CIK Small Business Solutions View More Month: $9.99
VoIP Much Phone for Small Business View More Month: $17.11
Setup: $FREE
MightyCall for Small Business View More Month: $12
Primus Unlimited Bundle View More Month: $87.90
Setup: $FREE
VOIPO for Small Business View More Month: $20
Setup: $FREE
Phone Power Small Business View More Month: $8.33
Setup: $FREE

Latest Reviews & Questions

VoIP Much Phone Company
Excellent Customer Service
Rating by Shane Page in Barrie

I had something go wrong with the phone and I then called customer service.
I got through very quickly and had my problem solved.
Thank you very much Read More ...
Great company
Rating by Jason R Bannerman in Brampton

We have been with Talk it for over 10 years. I don't have any complaints with the service. Its easy to check phone messages and phone calls records of incoming and outgoing calls your number has received. We once had issues with the device but w Read More ...
VoIP Much Phone Company

Rating by Monica in

The Real Softphone app is super cool. I can bring my home phone with me everywhere now, and have reduced my cellphone bill by $30 per month.

It's silly I didn't try this out 5 years ago lol. Calls are clear and seem to be gr Read More ...
VoIP Much Phone Company
Cord Cutting
Rating by Monica Rylski in North Bay

I've finished cutting the cords on all my overpriced services. Customer support with Bell has been frustrating to say the least.

Glad to get a phone service from a small Canadian business and my cousin works there too! Read More ...
Adapter is defective after 3 months
Rating by Leslie in Toronto

Rip off for 3 months of services. Not worth the hassle. Read More ...
Xplore is Great
Rating by Diane Julien in Chesterville

Excellent services for rural consumers! Read More ...

What is a VoIP Phone system?

Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over IP, VoIP is one of the most revolutionary by-products of the internet. Businesses around the world have been using Voice over IP since the late ’90s and now, thanks to faster and more affordable broadband internet connections, VoIP is experiencing a massive surge in popularity for Home and Home Office use. And with very good reasons: VoIP boasts premium calling features and a cheaper price tag than its land-line counterpart, making VoIP the ideal choice for businesses and Home users.

What does a VoIP phone system cost?

The answer is rather simple. A VoIP phone-based system is much cheaper than any other type of phone system. However, here is the hard part, getting the best Business or Home Phone and for that matter, finding an Internet Telecom Service Provider using traditional search methods is difficult, next to impossible. Primarily due to the sheer number of choices, outdated information, and the different language used to describe similar things. This is why—Canada’s Premier Telecom Service Provider Platform— exists and we are committed to making it easier for you, the average Canadian user. With over 600 Providers described @gonevoip; we have the latest user reviews, in fact, we got the most reviews with over 10,000 of them, you can read the news, check information, establish conversations, comparisons of the Internet and Phone service providers in Canada. So consumers like you, arrive faster at a better decision. One that fits your budget. Thanks to our expert research, resources, thousands of user reviews, Q&A, and an easy-to-navigate platform, choosing the Best Telecom Service Provider for your needs has never been easier. To further our point, GoneVoIP won the 2019 CV-Magazine Award for Best Comparison Platform in Canada! Keep in mind we do all of this for you, our visitor, and the end consumer, for free.

How to find the best Internet and phone service?

We know that finding the best and most affordable internet and phone provider for your home or business is often overwhelming and daunting due to the plethora of options available. And with the surge of relatively new technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP), has made the purchasing decision even more time to consume and confusing. At GoneVoIP, we have taken the guesswork out of selecting a new home internet or home phone telecom provider. We provide you with the latest news, information, and competitive analyses. Giving all the relevant information you need to help you make an informed buying decision and get the best Internet or phone service in your area. As Canada’s premier telecom service provider search platform, we put at public disposal and use our experts' research and work with residences and businesses of all sizes by providing reviews, quotes, editorials, and comparisons to help you find the best telephone or internet services that suit your needs. Our one-stop-shop platform makes it easy for you to find the best solution for your home and business needs. GoneVoIP goes above and beyond, as it forms partnerships with many service providers to present Canadian internet users with unique, if not better, deals not seen on the provider’s website, and as a bonus, for the final consumer GoneVoIP services are always free.

Why GoneVoIP is better than other comparison sites?

There are many reasons why we are superior. In short, many other sites will push visitors to the "plan" or "latest offer" of the moment, without adding anything of value. We at GoneVoIP are different in that we know in this time and age people are not buying into a plan or promo, but rather buying into an experience. As such we empower visitors to visualize how is the customer experience, as told by customers, not providers! This is a key difference from other sites. At the core and essence of the GoneVoIP platform is the customer-centric view of service delivery. We enable providers to have engagements with visitors. Also, we are the first, and only, platform to allow residential customers to request Telecom service quotations. Once again, having you - the customer, or potential customer, - where it needs to be; the driver's seat. GoneVoIP is the essential customer-centric site for all things internet and phone - all other comparison sites are pushing plans based on conveniences that may only reflect 3rd parties' needs and wants.