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Phone Power Small Business
Phone Power Small Business

Phone Power Small Business

Availability: AB, BC, MB, ON & QC
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June 18, 2013
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Submitted by: Patrick (Vancouver , BR)

Cheap and good quality

I have tried this app a few weeks. This is really a nice alternative for our traditional providers.
Good quality (if you have either wifi connection or internet connection) and it's incredible cheap.
February 28, 2013
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Submitted by: Debbie (Toronto , ON)

Great deal and it works

The two year deal is pretty good and overall works great. As a realtor often recieve fax and this service allows me to get it immediately on my same number (which was ported for free) and send via email. Other services I looked over charged for this features. The iPhone app is very convinient too as I can pickup calls right in there, although sometimes had experienced calls breakups/drops using the app - not the phone when in the office.
February 4, 2013
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Submitted by: John (Vaughan , ON)

Ideal for a small team

We're contractors and are on the road quite often; found Phone Power delivers the best value for our needs. Majority of our customer calls are within GTA but our providers are in the States or elsewhere in Canada; the Small Business plan fits our calling and office phone needs.
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Phone Power is one of the most popular and award-winning VoIP service providers out in the United States. A premier phone system for Small Business owners alternative with frequently praised North American based customer support serving the Canadian Market. It's no wonder is ranked #1 by toptenreviews among VoIP providers/ home phone alternatives. Plenty of features, including FREE number portability, with the ability to use two lines with the same number AND unlimited US/Canada calling.

The usual package comes with a free ATA (adapter), you can also bring your own device, support BYOD for the majority of the best-known ATAs out there (Grandstream and Linksys), give you a handy softphone for PC/laptop and a free iPhone or Android App plus 60 minutes of free international calling to any of more than 60 countries. Phone Power was founded in 2006, HQ in Winnetka, California. It has been growing ever since, in 2009 acquired Broadvox, in 2010 acquired and lately in 2012 they've acquired Broadvoice.

Phone Power is one of the favourites Small Business providers because of the simplicity and richness of features, flexible plan and at a very affordable cost with very good support behind it all.

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can I port my cell number 604-741-1412

I don't see why not. Number portability is supported thru all landline, mobile and VoIP.

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can I port my cell number 604-741-1412

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