Archive - June 2016

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Benefits with Business VoIP Services

Businesses all over the world have been relying on phones for many reasons. From customer support to employee connectivity to client negotiations, there are millions of business issues being resolved over phone calls. Undoubtedly, to support all these needs business phones have to offer a larger number of features than an ordinary phone, not just the...

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DIDWW Overtaking VoIPITS Customers

We have come to know that VoIPITS (also works under MYPBX and CheapDID) is facing business continuity issues. VoIPTS had been in operation since 2013 and has worked as a reseller for Ireland based DIDWW since. In a statement to Gonevoip DIDWW declared:  “All of VoIPITS customers who were affected have been already informed about it and nearly...