Archive - May 2015

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Evaluating Your Internet Service and Provider

The problems you experience with your Internet service are nothing new. It’s a subject matter so over-studied in the last decade, we thought we’d review just how much Canadians are being gouged on bandwidth, overage fees, and general service.

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Vonage Phone vs 1-VoIP Revised

OverView Both 1-VoIP and Vonage are top of the line VoIP providers, of that is there is no doubt, however; one must triumph the other. Vonage has had a very shaky period in time when providing quality service to its customers was getting tougher due to a lack of stronger networking infrastructure. 1-VoIP which was founded only 4 years after Vonage has had...

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A Glimpse of the Future: Public Wi-Fi for All

In an ultra-connected future, internet access – through public Wi-Fi – is free. This opens up other possibilities, such as free telecommunications through mobile VoIP, unlimited chat and email, access to the internet, among other things.

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Get Your Business in The Cloud

If you’re researching VoIP phone solutions for your business, you’re likely already aware that there are many advantages to taking key service requirements to The Cloud. The beauty of Cloud-based solutions is that they not only eliminate much of the physical network hardware and the agonizing maintenance associated with traditional systems, but they...