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If you’re researching VoIP phone solutions for your business, you’re likely already aware that there are many advantages to taking key service requirements to The Cloud. The beauty of Cloud-based solutions is that they not only eliminate much of the physical network hardware and the agonizing maintenance associated with traditional systems, but they offer the chance to choose amongst best-of-breed service offerings to mix and match a solution that 100% meets your needs and will evolve with your business.

Versature is not only a vendor of Cloud-based business phone services but engages a variety of other web-based tools to power our business processes. We are huge proponents of Cloud Services as a whole and wanted to take this opportunity to offer a bit of insight into how we are taking advantage of advancements in this field. The following is a high-level summary of some of the web-based tools we use to form a complete business solution. I hope it helps you in developing a Cloud-based architecture for your own business, of which VoIP will be an integral part!

Salesforce Integration

Truly the backbone of Versature, our Salesforce implementation goes beyond use as a simple CRM platform and delves into the arenas of marketing automation through Pardot, market research through, and sales functions through the use of Conga, Fileboard, and Docusign. I’m sure anyone using this platform would agree that if you can dream it, Salesforce can do it. There are Salesforce solutions for every facet of every business in every industry. Their open API allows for mass customization and innovation, allowing us to create our own integration with the system offering a Versature UI within the platform and seamless integration between the Versature phone system and Salesforce (available free to Versature users on the Salesforce Appexchange). The platform truly provides a single customer point of view, capturing all stages of the customer life cycle. The Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud have allowed Versature to make huge improvements in our customer management at every junction.

Zuora Integration

Zuora is a billing platform specializing in subscription-based billing. Used by over 800 companies worldwide, Zuora has distinguished itself as an industry expert and serves as an information hub on all things related to the Subscription Economy, from webinars on a pricing strategy to eBooks on subscription finance. For Versature, Zuora ties into our Salesforce backbone and gives our staff direct access to our product catalog, invoicing, payment processing, and a host of other finance-related information and capabilities.

Google Apps for Business

Another essential in the Versature mix, Google Apps serves as our host for email (Gmail) and document collaboration services (Drive). With professional email services, business-grade security protection, and file storage, there is absolutely no reason to pour resources into managing these services in-house.


For our custom software development, we use GitHub for software version tracking and collaboration.

Google AppEngine

A number of years ago Versature standardized our in-house development efforts around the Google AppEngine Development platform.  It allows for the rapid iteration of our software tools without having to worry about any of the underlying infrastructures.

This is a simple and effective HR tool that provides a fully automated online system for tracking and managing employee absence, leave, paid time-off, and attendance. A one-stop-shop for managing employee absences.

Background Backup

A real-time, automated backup service that detects any changes made to our selected files. These files are encrypted and backed-up to the Background Backup Cloud repository.


Like many other organizations and individuals out there, Versature uses WordPress to host our blog pages.


Of course, we also make use of our own Cloud-based business phone services. Versature is the trusted Hosted PBX provider to over 6,000 subscribers across Canada, servicing organizations of all sizes. With unique features such as our Salesforce click-to-call integration, Call Recording, and our complete suite of call center functionality coupled with free hardware, geo-redundant data facilities, and Canadian-based support, Versature is The Cloud-based business phone system of choice for Canadian business.

The list does go on to a number of other SaaS tools, mobile apps, and web-based platforms, but this gives you an idea of the vast array of Cloud-based tools we employ at Versature to operate the business.

The Versature executive team is always happy to talk about the Cloud. If you have questions about any of the tools you see here (and even many that you don’t) be sure to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer them. We also recently hosted a “Choosing the Right SaaS Tools” webcast with industry experts from Contact Monkey, Background Backup, and Ironflow Technologies (creators of TimeOffManager) discussing the Cloud Services each of us is using at our businesses and how we chose and implemented these tools. You can download a summary of the conversation right now.

Forward-thinking businesses are fully embracing The Cloud. Take charge and get started today!

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