Internet Speed

Test the performance of your Internet connection

Check your Internet Speed using this handy Internet Speed Test. It is important to verify your internet speed so you know your service matches the expectations. If you are using the internet connection for work, home streaming, and video-gaming then that means your internet speed is relevant and important to you.

Some Internet Providers would like consumers to believe that the internet speed is provided on a 'best effort' basis, and not in a actual contractual obligation.

However savvy consumers are now equipped with a barrage of tools to test and verify their internet speed with independent tools - not hosted or sponsored by the big ISPs, which sometimes may skew results. Sometimes the difference between expected Download speeds is so huge that it may justify switching internet providers.

The ideal outcome

Every test is stressful, and it can be madening if you do not get the results you expect. The interesting thing about internet speed testing is that seldom is said what the ideal values are for an optimal performance. Here is the untold true, is not all about the speed. To be clear what this means;Your Ping shall be under 40ms and Your Jitter be under 25ms.

If Ping and Jitter are bad then video-games, video-streaming and voice over ip services will suffer greatly!

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