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February 10, 2020
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Submitted by: Ash (Toronto , ON)
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False discount promises by ooma sales

Please don't trust sales people when they say you will get free number porting and giving 20 dollars discount on connection fee.
Once you commit to port your number, they don't answer to your email or phone. Here is the number contact to watch out for.

Direct number : 1-860-440-6006.
August 17, 2019
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Submitted by: Catherine A Smith (Toronto , ON)
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Extremely Happy with Ooma

I have used Ooma for over a year and I am extremely happy with the service and have only had the echo with calls just a few times, otherwise, totally crystal clear calls and have never had in problems at all. I started with the basic plan which was only $5.07 a month which was for taxes and other fees like 911. I just upgraded to Premier which has US calling. When you sign up you get a whole month free trial. I have used magicjack, netTalk, Talkit.ca and Ooma is the very best Voip phone service I have ever used!! I highly recommend to everyone who needs a reliable crystal clear calling. The phone adapter goes on sale a few time s a year for around $79.99 instead of $129.00
September 5, 2013
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Submitted by: Bruce Robinson (Kingston , ON)

Unhappy customer

We have three problems with the OOMA service:

1) It won't dial some 888 and 866 numbers.

2) It cuts out from time to time in the middle of the conversation and terminates the call.

3) An echo appears from time to time that makes it difficult to communicate.

I don't know whether these problems are common to all VOIP services or unique to OOMA.

Reply from: Rod
April 25, 2015
I've had similar instances happen with Ooma and I was thinking along the same lines until I came to realize it wasn't Ooma, it was the internet and the lack of port forwarding with Qos. Ooma support can and does help with these settings and it pays to get your priorities straight by placing your voip at the very top of the list.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$9.99 0 $124.92

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: 0

Ooma was founded in 2004, HQ in Palo Alto, CA. At one time saw Aston Kutcher (actor/producer) as their Creative Director. Kutcher left in 2008. The Ooma Telo is the next-generation device, was launched to the market in 2009. It's a sleek design, packed with features and Canada/US free calling.

As it is with other single box solutions you pay all up-front, in the case of Ooma you also have monthly minimal costs of around $3.50 in government taxes and other fees. Ooma premium option runs for $9.99 which introduces call blocking and other features like. The Ooma Basic services include voicemail, caller ID, 911 and 911 alerts.  Canadians can keep their existing number though for some reason Ooma insists with a porting fee of $39.99 unless you opt for Ooma Premium in which case the porting fee is waived. Ooma has a very reliable app, available for Android and iOS.

In the GoneVoIP review of Ooma Home Phone service, we find in Ooma's modern design pleasing aesthetics and generally providing good service for Canada's market. One of the key features that have always set apart Ooma is Voice Quality, it is one of the first providers to support High-Definition Calling. Also worth mentioning is that all calls are encrypted, essentially making Ooma Home Phone more secure than old landlines! Having said that, those looking for all Ooma premium features as part of the standard package and like to have the ability or freedom to have any ATA then providers such as VoIP Much may be a better fit.

Otherwise, one can buy the latest Ooma @ Amazon for $124.92 - shipping included. In conclusion, Ooma is a very functional device and an interesting value proposition for the Smart Home. Making Ooma and assertive alternative for the modern home phone.

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How do you port your number to Ooma telo?

Use the online tool to determine if the telephone number can be ported, then submitted the port request. From the time the request was submitted to the actual port from Bell it took one week. Works great. No internet down time (have DSL and Bell had to dry loop it).

In my case just checked I could port it with them using their tool: http://ca.ooma.com/phone-number/ then just follow the prompts when activating your account. Will ask you for info of your existing phone number and provider.
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