Archive - September 2013

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Avaya Phones for Business Users

If you’re in the market for a new PBX system for your business, you may want to consider the new Avaya offerings. These include the 9500 series from the company, which are all digital. They are also sold under the name Avaya one-X. These phones are designed as desk phones and work with the 7.0+ version of Avaya IP Office and IP Office Partner versions...

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The Truth About Unlimited Calling

It has become common to use the term Unlimited Calling (or unlimited data for Internet) BUT is it truly unlimited? What’ve seen is that in the majority of the cases in the term of service there is a clause reserved for fair utilization and in there is spelled out the actual limits. With that said it’s fair to understand VOIP Providers have a reason to...

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We don’t need Verizon.. we’ve got VoIP!

As we approach the inevitable end of summer we are learning of another inevitable reality; that Verizon after all that buzz may not be coming to Canada after all. Much of the summer we heard of the plans Verizon had by acquiring Wind and possibly Mobilicity, if we are to believe media reports.., of entering Canadian telecom space. The usual suspects;...