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Why choose a Canadian Business VoIP provider?

Every business needs a phone system, and more and more companies are choosing to go with a Hosted solution. How do you choose which one is right for you whether you’re in Victoria, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, London, Ottawa, Montreal or Halifax? Let’s narrow it down: Choose a Canadian company! Why is that important? In an increasingly global marketplace...

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Avoid embarrassing VoIP disruptions

Today’s business world is made up of high tech teams that are connected virtually and CEOs are now allowing work-from-home situations. In fact, did you know that 21 percent of video-conference business use is for customer/client meetings or to close a business deal, and 16 percent is for job interviews? Video-conferencing with an important person always...

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Call Centric Announces Canadian DID Expansion and FREE Porting

For all of you who were waiting for this announcement, the wait is over. It’s official Call Centric announced on July the 3rd they have available numbers in all Canadian provinces and territories. In addition Call Centric announced they are waiving the number portability fee for Canadian customers, which is a $25 waived. So if you had been thinking to...