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Why choose a Canadian Business VoIP provider?

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Every business needs a phone system, and more and more companies are choosing to go with a Hosted solution. How do you choose which one is right for you whether you’re in Victoria, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, London, Ottawa, Montreal or Halifax? Let’s narrow it down: Choose a Canadian company!

Why is that important? In an increasingly global marketplace where many companies strive to be international, why should you choose a firm that remains ever and always Canadian?

Versature, headquartered in Ottawa, is an example of one such firm. Versature offers phone systems to people all over this vast country with the ability to service 80 percent of the Canadian population. That’s 950 cities and towns across Canada.

Many phone service providers have presences here, there and everywhere, which means they’re not focused on any one area. Versature is not only closer physically than companies headquartered abroad, but also mentally, remaining solely focused on the needs of Canadian businesses.

When you call Versature for support, you won’t face a labyrinth of menu options or get ... ped over to Asia. You’ll speak with someone in Versature’s Ottawa offices – someone sitting right down the hall from the CEO.

Additionally, toll free numbers dialled from your Versature phone are guaranteed to connect. Often, toll-free numbers that are dialled through U.S.-based VoIP providers won’t work because they connect your call through California or New York – one more reason to keep your service provider close to home. How frustrating will it be if you’re unable to call your bank or other local city services?

Not all Canadian VoIP providers are created equally, however. At Versature, we won’t force you into a long-term contract complete with sky-high termination fees. You can determine each month whether you’re satisfied with our service, although we provide the option of signing a contract if that works best for you.

Versature’s impressive suite of features allows you to custom-build the phone system perfect for your business. Those features include an auto-attendant to route your calls, conference calls, phone numbers from area codes across Canada (regardless of your location), having voicemails or faxes sent to your email, among many others. Check them out on Versature’s website. In fact, Versature is so confident they can satisfy your needs that they offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

You didn’t go into business to spend time worrying about your phone system, so let someone else take care of it; someone looking out for the interests of growing Canadian firms.

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