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Why VoIP?

You may want to know why you should choose a digital phone system or Voice Over IP (VoIP)? Then, you’ll definitely need to read this article, as it will help you understand what is VoIP, the benefits and advantages, what VoIP can offer for you at home or in your business. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, that’s to say, it’s a telephone...

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Canada’s Home Phone Comparison August 2014 Edition

Summer, that wonderfully (albeit short) time of the year, gives way to reconsider a number of things. Typically after having a relaxing time household expenditures are carefully looked at, to plan for the school year and to trim costs where possible. With that said here, we thought to give Canadian food for thought and action; here we have updated our Home...

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Internet Bandwidth for VoIP

You may have been considering moving or switching your phone to Voice Over IP and have a basic understanding that this implies the use of the internet connection. Here we’ll review the typical characteristics of your internet connection. You need to consider having a broadband internet connection; meaning a high-speed connection. If you have a dial-up...