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Canada’s Home Phone Comparison August 2014 Edition

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Summer, that wonderfully (albeit short) time of the year, gives way to reconsider a number of things. Typically after having a relaxing time household expenditures are carefully looked at, to plan for the school year and to trim costs where possible. With that said here, we thought to give Canadian food for thought and action; here we have updated our Home Phone Comparison. It is not at all surprising to see how the price gap between a traditional Home Phone and a Digital (VoIP) Home Phone is increasing. From March 2014 to August 2014 the gap has increased by 40%. This is due in this period we noted all of the major Canadian traditional telecoms have increased the cost of add-ons on their plans while VoIP providers have largely remained the same if anything is looking at ways to add more. While is shocking to see the difference, look at it as in good news, overall the savings expected now are around 200%!

Home Phone Cost Comparison


Note there are still need to factor in taxes and other fees (such as shipping, 911, etc) to have a full picture of the cost, we just couldn’t fit them all of those here, considering not all providers call them the same. Though we believe it’s telling nonetheless the significant savings you could achieve with using the right VoIP provider. Even if you are already using VoIP, you could be saving even more and having even more freedom of features. As you can see depending on who do you currently have and to whom do you switch to could be saving up to 200% of what you are currently spending. That is money certainly many will agree could be used for school supplies or net savings. If you are wondering what type of internet connection and what else you’ll need to consider check this article we wrote about the internet for VoIP (Digital) Home Phone and our Check-list.

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