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Avaya Phones for Business Users

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If you’re in the market for a new PBX system for your business, you may want to consider the new Avaya offerings. These include the 9500 series from the company, which are all digital. They are also sold under the name Avaya one-X.

These phones are designed as desk phones and work with the 7.0+ version of Avaya IP Office and IP Office Partner versions. The line includes solutions aimed squarely at small- and mid-sized businesses.

The 9504 from Avaya has plenty of features built into it and is designed as a way to offer the basics of what a professional phone system should provide to users. It has an LED status ... on for each ... on, 12 ... on positions, and great voice quality. 10 keys on the phone are designed to provide specified features, such as instant access to history, messages and so forth. This phone is suitable for call centers, having a headphone jack that makes it a sensible choice for those who spend a great deal of their day on the phone.

Avaya 9508

Avaya IP Phone 9508

The Avaya 9508 is a notch above the aforementioned phone, with some advanced features and, in particular, features that are suitable for managers. The phone has a total of 8 programmable ... ons on it and there are three pages included, so these ... ons can actually handle 24 functions. It also has a headset jack and a large display, making it perfect for those who need a great deal of information about incoming calls and who need to be able to route them in the most efficient way possible. There is a full-duplex speakerphone included in this design.

These phones have a price-point advantage that is likely to make them particularly attractive to the target small- and mid-sized business market. Such businesses oftentimes find themselves compromising on the business tools they have available, but, with these types of solutions, they can ensure that their telecom needs are taken care of to professional standards.

Avaya has many other telephones available among their line, of course, but these two might be among the best options out there for businesses that need up to date, professional, but affordable, equipment.

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