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Services: DSL, FTTN, Cable
Availability: ON & QC
Monthly Price: $44.88 CAD

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September 16, 2019
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Submitted by: Wayne (Lindsay , ON)
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Excellent but...

When Heronet says they don't charge the $25 transfer fee from your existing ISP, they don't - provided you "buy" one of their modems. I rent mine from them and they charged me the $25. Good service but it would be better if Heronet wouldn't say "free" when it's not. Otherwise, great service.
April 26, 2019
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Submitted by: Wayne (Lindsay , ON)
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No complaints, so far. I've only been using Heronet since April 18 but everything works fine and the features are perfect.

The internet speeds (uploads/downloads) vary upon time-of-day, users on the network and the mother internet provider: i.e., Rogers, Cogeco, etc. Heronet uses your previous cable provider's cable network to give you whatever package you use.

If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), as I do, the speed can be fast or slow, dependent upon the internet provider in whatever country you choose AND the previous speed issues I mentioned above.

I'll say it's a difference between night and day compared to Cogeco, my previous provider.
September 26, 2018
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Submitted by: Kelly Kousaie (Lachine , QU)
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Couldn't ask for better!!!

I have been getting my internet service from HeroNet for about 4 years now and I honestly could not be happier!! Their service is super fast and reliable. They have some of the best customer service out there, fixing any issue I have ever quickly and efficiently. It took me a while to find them but now that I have I am HeroNet customer for life!!!

Reply from: Amin Bardai
July 31, 2019
Thank you for the glowing review! I have been looking for a provider to switch to and your review suggests that I look at HeroNet. I will definitely look at it and switch home phone also.

But it looks like Hero does not budle with TV also.Please let me know if I am wrong.
September 21, 2018
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Submitted by: Kevin Ramdas (Mississauga , ON)
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Super friendly service

I like dealing with Heronet. They have communicated with me quickly and efficient in solving my connection issues.
September 20, 2018
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Submitted by: Philip Lemieux (Montreal , QU)
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True SuperHereos

I've been with this company for the past year and a half, and each time I have called in I have wait probably a max of 5 mins before I get in touch with one of their Heroes.
When I talk with someone they pretty much solve my issue with the first point of contact and I am never transferred to someone else.
I have never felt like a number to them but an actual client.
Do yourself a major service and go with this company cause you will save yourself major headache and money!
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$44.88 Shipping: $FREE Other: $ No

Download: 15 Mbps

Upload: 2 Mbps

Cap: NA

Overage: NA

HeroNet was founded back in 2012, and within these few past years, Heronet team have gained some positive footing in the Independent Service Provider community. Heronet prides themselves on over the top customer experience and service. Heronet focuses primarily on delivering last-mile access Internet services in Quebec and Ontario.

Heronet has a wide variety of cable internet and DSL/FTTN Internet plans that are tailored to match the specific needs of any customer. All of their plans are unlimited to ensure a flat-rate service you can budget!

Today, most customers looking for unlimited Internet services like HeroNet are doing some form of video streaming service. GoneVoIP will proceed now to detail the most updated Internet plan list from Heronet.

Ontario Cable Internet (Cogeco Area)

  • 15 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up at $44.88 per month
  • 40 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $52.88 per month
  • 60 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $68.88 per month
  • 120 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $84.88 per month

Ontario Cable Internet (Rogers Area)

  • 30 Mbps Down, 5 Mbps Up at $52.88 per month
  • 75 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $59.88 per month
  • 150 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up at $74.88 per month

Ontario & Quebec DSL/VDSL

  • 6 Mbps Down, 0.5 Mbps Up at $38.88 per month
  • 15 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $48.88 per month
  • 25 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $58.88 per month
  • 50 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $68.88 per month

Quebec Cable Internet

  • 5 Mbps Down, 0.5 Mbps Up at $38.88 per month
  • 10 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up at $44.88 per month
  • 15 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $48.88 per month
  • 20 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $52.88 per month
  • 30 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $58.88 per month
  • 60 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at 63.88 per month
  • 120 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up at $78.88 per month
  • 200 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up at $108.88 per month

This can provide insight into whether or not they actually need an unlimited plan. Considering that limited plans are usually offered at more affordable rates, a customer can save tons of money! 

HeroNet does have healthy download speeds in general. As it is typical, more variations found in the Cable Internet side. HeroNet does have a dry-loop fee, but only charged with the 6 Mbps plan. If you are installing Cable Internet, either in Quebec or in Ontario if you transfer Cable Internet then it is free otherwise is $50. It may seem that Heronet is trying to get away with making money wherever it possibly can but 50$ is not much when you consider HeroNet's highly rated customer service and overall cheaper monthly fee when compared to either Bell or Rogers/Videotron. 

Overall GoneVoIP opinion is that HeroNet is a great alternate internet service provider. With an unusual customer-centric and service-focused approach. This is refreshing to see in today's market where the big guys cannot compete with this type of service. Some of the plans may be found elsewhere at cheaper prices though. 

Maple Leaf Features

Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark

Is your service portable? I have 2 location in BC and occasionally one in Ontario. Can I port your service?

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Please provide all owners and partners of this company

Good day! Like SuperMan, Batman and HeroNet Heroes, the main identify of the person behind the mask will always remain a mytery! If there is a specific reason for this question, we kindly recommend you give us a call or email us at info@heronet.ca We look forward to saving your day! HeroNet.ca

Hello, Is there a particular issue to address? Assume you had tried to call HeroNet @ 1.800.851.4376 to no avail?

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what do i need to hok to your service

Good day! Ideally we always encourage going through the online store to place an order, but if you would need some guidance on what your ideal service would be, you can always call us at 1.800.851.4376. If you reply with your phone number and a time to call, a hero would be glad to reach out to you! We look forward to saving your day! HeroNet.ca

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