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The Best IPTV in Quebec

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IPTV is in Quebec to stay. The fact is for people in Quebec’s major urban centers, the new plethora of IPTV streaming services such as Netflix, Crave or Amazon Prime unlocks the gate to added choices. When it comes down to television one thing is clear, streaming is the newfangled king.

The truth is that nowadays thanks to technological advances IPTV is available from countless providers. In Quebec alone, you can find dozen of IPTV providers. Though some of these are less than reputable, flight by night operations.

Some of the clear advantages of IPTV are portability, inexpensive, and ease to install when compared to cable or satellite plans, and the wide availability of channels. Including live sports and news.

The Best IPTV in Quebec 2021

CIK Telecom offers Quebeckers two ‘Basic’ plans, starting from $14.99 per month; including over 30 channels. You can also pick and choose and create a plan of your own.  For example, you can choose up to 5 channels for only $10 per month. The next plan is not so skinny, with over 40 channels at $29.99 per month.

Altima provides a Kino TV IPTV box. The plans start from $25 per month. With over 50 channels available, and 8 pure music Stingray channels. Something that makes Altima’s Kino TV unique is the ability to  Project videos from your smart device using AirPlay on Apple devices, or with a variety of other apps available on Android and many other mobile platforms.

Gemstelecom offer over 230 HD Channels plus a variety of international channels, available on platforms like ROKU, Amazon Firestick, Apple, Google Android, use your own device or rent it from Gemstelecom, the two main plans Skinny basic at $23.99 with special at $19.99 includes around 70 channels which includes coast to coast local channels, then there is Premium at $54.99 currently on special at $44.99 with over 140 Channels (this includes all skinny basic channels), also available sports, Channels including TSN, Sports Net, RDS, TVA Sports plus a wide variety of Movie and on-demand channels includes HBO, Super Ecran, Crave, Crave on demand, Starz and Starz on demand.. The additional plus side of Gemstelecom channels is the true HD signal at lower bandwidth so you don’t need to tie up your internet connection to watch TV, PVR is coming soon!

HeroNet is working on a different track. Offering an Android-based box instead. Just one payment of $179.99 for a Mygica device and you are done. The device supports gigabit ethernet and gigabit WiFi connections, comes with voice-activated remote control, and much more. Loaded with Netflix, YouTube, and capable of installing many more apps thru the Android Store (such as Dazeen, Sportsnet NOW, CBC Gems, or CTV).

TV for Every Taste

With most of these providers, you may add single channels. In that case, the cost per channel varies from $0.99 to $5.99. Though, you may also opt to add specialty packages; for example, add on Sports, Movies, or other interesting international language specialty packages.  However, if cost savings are to be considered you may really want to keep your add-ons in check and to a minimum. If you must or want a lot of channels, then GemsTelecom is probably your best play.

In short, some of the Best IPTV providers in your market are also some of the best and most popular Internet providers in Quebec! Who would have thought eh? But times have changed things. These IPTV providers also account for a fair number of reviews from their ISP operations too. Considering their internet and IP phone services and how these are related you know who you are dealing with. Your new and favorite IPTV provider may as well be your ISP. Check them now and these will get you set up at the right price with the right plan in no time.

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