How-to Get Free OTA HDTV with instructions
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When it comes to cutting the cord, any advice or tools that help us get as much content as possible are always welcome! makes a great little video about how to make a free HDTV antenna in less than 10 minutes using things are already have at home. In the video, they show the simple steps required to get yourself some free TV over the Free air HDTV antennas in Canada and even the US. While this homemade antenna may not get you American channels, it will give you a good idea of Free to air HDTV. While we can almost always get CBC almost everywhere, premium antenna solutions can pick up even the American channels.

Free to air HDTV has been around since our antennas in Canada switched over from Analogue to Digital. At the time, we were told that our TV’s would not work anymore over the antenna and it was time to get a cable plan. What they failed to mention is that any new TV with an HDTV decoder would still be able to access Free to Air HDTV and offer a better picture quality than cable service providers offered.

Today, there are many supporting articles and information related to cutting the cord and the ability to watch Free to air HDTV.

Here are some added sites that can help you in your research!

1- TV fool (a great app to help you see what HDTV channels are available at your home)

2- Great article found on Grounded Reason

3- Save and replay OTA HDTV has plenty of resources and links

4- Even CBC has articles to help!

While HeroNet focuses on the Internet services VoIP home phone, they are also proud to be helping Canadians get back to the root of free TV. The good old days when Hockey Night in Canada broadcasted all the games and it was free to watch. Today, companies (we won’t name them, but the names may ring a bell) hostage great TV from Canadians and include them into costly monthly subscriptions and services.

If all Canadian’s got rid of their cable subscription, it would not be long before all TV companies start broadcasting for free again. Hence relying on advertising to pay for their TV content. Since no cable companies would exist, we would also find ourselves dealing directly with the International broadcasters and directly paying them for our premium TV services. Companies like HBO and NHL currently offer these plans, but in most cases, we cannot watch what we want due to “blackout” in our areas linked to contracts with Canadian cable service providers.

That is… Food for Thought!

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