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Canada’s Internet Speeds and Prices

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Last summer we set out to analyze the status of the home internet connection speeds across the country. We picked fourteen representative major urban centers and analyzed factors such as maximum available download speed, average speed, and average monthly pricing.

This analysis shows some very interesting facts, for example, while Albertans are expected to pay less for gas than, say, Ontarians. However, on average Albertans will be paying some $7 more than Ontarians per month for equivalent internet services.

What is the best internet provider in Canada?

Now unfortunately though we may not have the answer to that question, as it depends on your location. However, we can look at the averages. The country’s average internet download speed is 45 Mbps and the average price is $52 per month. The top speed is 1,500 Mbps Download. People living in Saint John’s are paying for some of the most expensive home internet plans in the country. On the other side of the scale, Halifax has the cheapest Home Internet plans.

Now we can’t really pinpoint the reasoning behind the differences in pricing nor on the services being offered. The only point we can ascertain is that sometimes markets do develop differently, due to the presence of competitive alternatives, local idiosyncrasies, and other factors.

With that said here is the table that summarizes our analysis of Canada’s internet speeds. Maybe it is time to switch your provider?

Area Max Down Mbps Avg Monthly Price
Vancouver 1,500 $49
Calgary 600 $58
Edmonton 600 $57
Regina 600 $52
Winnipeg 940 $57
Toronto 1,500 $51
Barrie 1,500 $48
Hamilton 1,000 $50
Ottawa 1,500 $50
Montreal 940 $49
Quebec City 940 $46
Moncton 1,000 $48
Halifax 940 $44
Saint John’s 1,000 $65

If you’d like to test the performance of your internet speed, we have built the tool for that!

In any case, throughout 2021 do look and find your best internet provider in our extensive Canada ISP list here.

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