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Ontario’s Best 150 Mbps Cable Internet Plans

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Comparing some of the Best 150 Mbps Download and Unlimited Internet plans in Ontario.

For this updated comparison, we continue to chose to use Cable Internet. Note, all ISPs listed here are using Rogers Cable backbone network. What sets them apart is the pricing and overall strategy. Promotional internet prices are extremely common; so we have also looked at the fine print (see “Promo” details), shown the total yearly price, and calculated the price per Mbps of download speed.

Internet Cable Wars: Ontario

In Ontario, similar to what happens in other provinces in Canada, what you end up paying depends on who you chose to have internet service with. The best internet provider is not always guaranteed to offer the best service, let alone the best price. Contrary to popular advertising the best price and service combination is often found when un-bundling.

Provider Plan Avg Monthly Rate Yearly Cost Avg $/Mbps Down  ‘Promo’ Details
Rogers Ignite 150u $99.99 $1199.88 $0.66 Modem Rental Included.
Comwave Internet 150 $64.95 $1019.80 $0.53 3-Years Contract. $95 Activation Fee Applies.
CIK Telecom Cable Ultra $69.99 $839.88 $0.46 Price Guaranteed for 2-years. Free Modem Rental Included.
Altima Cable 150 $75 $900 $0.50 Free modem rental. Free Activation.
GTA Tel Cable 150 $54.95 $659.40 $0.36 Free modem rental. Free Activation.
Gemstelecom Ultimate 150 $69.99 $839.88 $0.46 Price Guaranteed for the lifetime of service.
CanNet Telecom Cable 150 $59.98 $719.76 $0.39 No Contract.

Big Rewards for those who dare to switch

Depending on who do you chose you could be saving big. Some $540 per year, or really losing in the long run. To illustrate, in the initial comparison when we look at Comwave Internet 150 plan, after looking at the terms we come to realize it is locked on a 3-year long contract. In the end, making Comwave Internet 150 as or even more expensive than Rogers Cable Internet itself!

Altima Telecom & CIK Telecom presents some of the best prices on the Home Internet 150 Mbps download plans in Ontario. When looking at the details of the CIK Telecom Cable Ultra 150 offer we see it does include a price guarantee for 2 years and an added perk, with the Wi-Fi enabled Door Bell Camera. Along with free modem rental. Something that most families would find very budget-friendly.

GTA Telecom Cable 150 comes at about $660 per year. Making a good choice for budget-conscious users.

Gems Telecom comes up with the cheapest 150 Mbps Home Internet plan yet. With an annual difference of $360 versus Rogers Ignite 150u or savings of about $180 versus Comwave Internet 150 plan. Most certainly, the huge savings are something to take into consideration.

If you are in the Province of Ontario, looking to upgrade your Home Internet in 2021, then these Ontario ISPs are alternatives to Rogers Cable Internet worth looking and comparing for your whole Home Internet. Certainly, these are some of the best and fastest cable internet plans of 2021 in Ontario. Don’t be afraid to switch or get on the phone with your existing provider to negotiate a better rate, you never know how much you could be saving!

If ever in doubt, just request a hassle-free no-obligation Home Internet Quote from the GoneVoIP platform. Several ISPs in Ontario, these are providers we work with, will diligently review and compete to earn your business!

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