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Services: Cable, FTTN/DSL & Fiber
Availability: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC & SK
Monthly Price: $44.99 CAD

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October 24, 2019
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( Toronto , ON)
Feeling disappointed Disappointed Rating 👎

Review from

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I wish I found this site to read all the reviews before trying CIK Telecom (aka Cannet Telecom).

I purchased the Unlimited 300 Mbps offer with their modem rental totaling $40/month.

First, the service start date was delayed by a few days because supposedly Rogers didn_t activate the service on time after cancelling with my previous ISP. I had to borrow my neighbor_s wifi until that was resolved.

When the service started I ran multiple speed tests and the results were all over the place. I was getting speeds as low as 5 Mbps during peak time 9pm. My streaming services Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc were stuttering/buffering and dropping to lower resolution to compensate.

I called their tech support and they said they will fix it. I did notice a small speed increase and ran tests but it was rarely over 20 Mbps in the evenings. I was still getting stuttering with streaming services. The only time I actually saw speeds over 150 Mbps was after 2 am, never got close to the 300 Mbps that they advertised.

I should say that their customer support team in Delhi, India were were polite and pleasant to talk to. Didn_t fuss too much when I cancelled and refunded the first month.
October 3, 2019
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Submitted by: Anjali (Markham , ON)
Feeling thankful Thankful Rating 👍

You get what you pay for!

The internet is stable enough, i recently got their 300M bundle for $49.99 along with a 3 add-on TV package. The price is valuable and you get to select the 3 packages you want from the long list. The customer service does has a very thick accent but as long as i understand and they understand what is needed and done, i dont give a ... .
October 2, 2019
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Submitted by: Ashley (Victoria , BR)
Feeling unpleasantly_surprised Unpleasantly Surprised Rating 👎

If you enjoy broken promises, you might want to try CIK Telecom's Internet

The sticker price for this Internet is low, but how much do you value the hours of your life? If you are lonely and want to spend hours on the phone with your telecom company because they did not deliver items as promised, CIK Telecom's services may be for you! I would argue that they do not offer Internet service so much as infinite loop of call transfers and your leisure time. YES, the monthly fee is low but you pay the difference upfront in the form of an "installation fee".

Here are the facts of my life since I thought I was going to get Internet from CIK:

Weeks from time of order to "successful" installation: 6
Minutes on the phone to CIK explaining to them their mistakes: 600+
Number of phone calls to CIK over six weeks: 25+
Number of calls with polite but useless people: 10
Number of calls with people who seemed to understand me AND know what they were talking about: 4
Average number of transfers per call: 6
GB of mobile data used during three weeks when Internet was promised but not delivered which would have not otherwise been used: 4
Trips to the Post Office for installation: 2
Time in-between packages: 7 days
Time I was charged for when no Internet was received: 10 days

What I love the most about this company is the agents special talent of diverting the conversation and not handling the issue. Transferring you back and forth between technical support, customer service, and sales. Also some of the agents that cannot understand you unless you repeat back to them verbatim what they just said almost like they can hear you and they recognize the sounds you are making but they don't understand they fit together in a sentence or the past, present, or future tenses.

One girl actually told me that the problem with my Internet (which I had told her the equipment hadn't arrived) was that I needed to press the 'ON' switch.

I was able to have some success through email. For example when one man called me and asked if I wanted to set up a new account-- This was 20 calls deep into "Where's my Internet Hardware" and I said no and then he said okay then and hung up. I afterwards emailed customer service and they were able to tell me that he was supposed to tell me that my new hardware was shipped and that a technician from a third party was coming to look at the lines in two weeks time and to confirm the appointment time worked for me.

Cost to me for 6 hours of service: $89.50 ("installation" fee) + $57.11 ("service" fee) + $134.40 (spent on phone data - without streaming - I would not have used had I had home Internet when promised) + $33.60 (money used to buy minutes that I had to use to talk to CIK Telecom) This does not account for transportation to and from the post office, the hours of my life I can't get back, or all the unnecessary stress.

Your experience may be different in another city such as Vancouver. They have two offices in that city and they can dispatch their own technicians.

Your experience may be different if your comfortable speaking the language that they conduct business in. Although I speak three languages, of the languages they offer service in, the only one we have in common is English. If you wish to conduct business with them in English, I recommend email.

I would like to see this company revamp their practices because I see some great potential. Although my experience was very negative, I think that it may have to do with growing pains rather than the collective competence of the company.

If the company were to look at this review here are my recommendations:
- Reduce call transfers empower your agents to do level one tech support, customer service, and sales. Only transfer calls for advanced issues.
- From day one: it is better to under promise and over deliver than to over promise and under deliver
- Have issues resolved in one call.
- Have new agents work through email instead of over the phone so that they can ask questions without frustrating the customer.
- Advertise primarily in the language that you conduct business so that you may attract customers who speak your language. I'm not sure if this is allowed. But, It should be. It should be very clear and heavily advertised in your language(s) that are most of the agents first language. That way you can attract customers that are right for you.

I feel like if I were speaking your common language things may have been easier. I wish I would have known that so many of your agents struggle with our shared common language.

Reply from: Kevin
October 2, 2019
Actually, CIK is an affordable and reliable ISP for me.
Very little to no downtime
Quick response to any questions i ever had via phone and live chat
Great customer service

Reply from: Norman
October 2, 2019
I agree the most unprofessional company I have dealt with!
September 30, 2019
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Submitted by: Mao Pi (MARKHAM , ON)
Feeling satisfied Satisfied Rating 👍

Excellent Service

I have had CIK Internet for more than 3 years of service. Always been good and reliable. Support also really good.
September 22, 2019
Review Helpful? 4 Yes No 3
Submitted by: Alice W (Aurora , ON)
Feeling happy Happy Rating 👍

Good company

Using CIK's Internet and very satisfied with it. Got a good plan and speeds had been consistent. I'm in a new sub-division though, that may have something to do with it.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$44.99 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 30 Mbps

Upload: 5 Mbps

Cap: Unlimited


CIK Telecom has been providing internet services for over a decade having been founded way back in 2003. CIK Telecom’s headquarters can be found at 241 Whitehall Dr, Markham, Ontario L3R 5G5 Canada. CIK Telecom stems from the advanced technologies and research department of Onet System inc. They pride themselves on providing high-quality low-cost telecommunication services.

CIK Telecom provides a variety of services ranging from Television bundles, low costing internet plans, and high-quality phone service. An impressive aspect of CIK Telecom is that they are a licensed carrier with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) since 2003!

Let us now review CIK Telecom Internet plans. In total, CIK Telecom Internet comes in five different internet packages. All of the CIKTel Internet plans come with unlimited usage, no contract, 2-years price guaranteed and a free modem rental is included.

Find here all CIK Telecom Cable Internet Plans and Pricing Details

  • Cable Express: 30 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload at $44.99 per month (reg. $79.99/month)
  • Cable Express Plus: 75 Mbps Download and 7.5 Mbps Upload at $54.99 per month (reg. $99.99/month)
  • Cable Ultra: 150 Mbps Download and 15 Mbps Upload at $64.99 per month (reg. $109.99/month)
  • Cable Ultra Plus: 250 Mbps Download and 20 Mbps Upload at $74.99 per month (reg. $119.99/month)

Since all plans are Cable you have higher speeds available and no need to apply a dry-loop as with DSL plans. Not only are CIK telecom internet plans at a price point to satisfy the majority of Canada internet users. GoneVoIP finds all CIK Home Internet plans to be very affordable in comparison. Furthermore, CIK Telecom goes the extra mile by ensuring the monthly pricing for two years. Not only is a low monthly cost, you won't have to worry CIK jacking up the monthly bill as Rogers or Bell do at least once a year. There is, however, a one-time processing fee that is charged when signing up for CIK Telecom internet service and it costs a total of $29.95. You'll need to add a shipping fee of $9.95

To get in contact with CIK Telecom support you can reach them by phone 24/7, or by email. At this time there is no online chat. Though CIK Telecom has got a designated Complaints officer! Which may be an indication of customers issues but also shows commitment to getting the issues resolved satisfactorily. 

Having said all that, GoneVoIP finds a very solid combination of right pricing and service to make the case for seriously considering CIK Telecom Internet for your Home!

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Web Email Access: Checkmark
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Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
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Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark

how much do you pay?

24.99/month for 50Mbps FTTN

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