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Why is the Digital Home Phone Popular?

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Digital Home Phones are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. Although cell phones are the go-to for most, many residents are seeing the advantages of Digital Home Phone for staying in touch with family and friends across the country and around the world.

How the Technology Works

With a Digital Home Phone, the connection takes place over the Internet. Your phone is connected to the modem of your computer and reaches telephone networks using various protocols. Another name for digital phones is VoIP or voice over Internet protocol. According to How Stuff Works, the analog signals of phones are transformed into digital data. This data is then transmitted over the Internet.

Keep Calm and Switch to VoIP

Is the Traditional Home Phone Obsolete?

As technology continues to make advances, people have more options on how to connect with others. Although a traditional landline phone still offers the benefit of usability during power outages (though there are ways around that, check this article about Power Backup for a digital home phone), many Canadians, like the rest of the world, are intrigued by Internet phone calls. According to Sipnology, it’s difficult to quantify the numbers of people turning to digital phones because of factors such as different definitions of VoIP, and the various approaches to using the technology. Many sources report the use of digital phones is growing, but the statistics and figures vary widely.

The Benefits of Switching to a Digital Home Phone Plan

By using the Internet to make phone calls, you no longer need a traditional phone company. This means you don’t have to pay for all the charges and fees that traditional phone use incurs. The computer is now a hub for many people. They shop online, pay bills, share photos and videos, so why not also make phone calls? It’s just one more thing you can do while being connected to your computer.

Is VoIP’s Digital Home Phone For You?

VoIP is one of Canada’s most popular Digital Home Phone implementations. The benefits of switching to VoIP are the affordable monthly prices with no contract to sign and no minimums to worry about. For those who want to get started with a digital phone service, but aren’t ready to make a commitment, Yak service plans are a great choice. VoIP’s plans offer many free features plus free minutes to all of North America. And, you get to keep the phone number you already have, making switching even simpler.

Thinking about making a change to a digital home phone service? Think VoIP.

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