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Evaluating Your Internet Service and Provider

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The problems you experience with your Internet service are nothing new. It’s a subject matter so over-studied in the last decade, we thought we’d review just how much Canadians are being gouged on bandwidth, overage fees, and general service.

Comparison matters

Did you know that Internet services in Canada have been compared to those of a third-world country? It’s true! Even with licensing and copyright rules that limit the availability of services like Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu, large Internet providers in Canada are further protecting their ‘slice of the profit pie’ by setting data caps at levels that are becoming easier to exceed. The end result is the consumer paying handsomely for the overage. Overage charges with extreme mark-ups have forced customers to limit their usage out of fear they’ll surpass their monthly allotment. Worse yet, the big communication companies have begun removing Unlimited Internet plans from their product set in Western Canada over the last few months.

The amount customers are charged for overage is a shame, since industry experts estimate the cost per gigabyte to be around two cents. Some quick math shows thousands of percent mark-up and the giant mousetrap waiting for moderate- to high-usage customers.

Now, if you’re able to get past the accessibility issues, cost concerns, and limited services, what are you left with? Canadians regularly deal with large, wide-spread outages that can impact everything from their Internet service, cellular network, and home cable television service.

What does this mean for the business community? There has not been a major, breakout Canadian web start-up in years, despite the sheer amount of engineering talent housed in this country. How can Canadian entrepreneurs prosper in an increasingly global online platform when they are not given proper support?

According to the OECD, Canada ranks number 28 out of the top 33 countries for broadband speeds and number 32 out of the top 40 countries for the cost of internet services. That’s horrible and something needs to be done about it.

So we ask, ‘who has your back’?

GoneVoIP has spent most of the last decade allowing more than a million satisfied Canadians to find a better provider. In that time, we’ve lived through all the ups and downs the online world has had to offer.

To benefit visitors, GoneVoIP knew had to offer a free tool, a high-quality alternative that listed all the high-speed options being offered by top Internet service providers around Canada. GoneVoIP knew that one of the keys to success was going to be enabling requesting quotes and user reviews; entirely for and in Canada. To assist valued users at any time.

At GoneVoIP, we are proud of being the best source to find alternative Internet service in Canada. An innovative, engaged company that offers a fair approach to doing business. If you are in Canada and desire the best possible contract-free Internet service, then GoneVoIP is your one-stop platform.

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