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For many people, deciding whether to take a summer vacation or stay at home can be a tough decision. The difficulty in the decision-making process lies in the fact that many Canadians do not have the option of taking their technology with them. Leaving creature comforts at home is a compromise that many are unwilling to make.

Take Your Home Phone Number Anywhere in the World

Telecommunication costs add up in a hurry, but a VoIP’s analog telephone adapter (ATA) connects your regular Home Phone number to the Internet. What’s the big deal about that? Your calls are actually routed through the Internet, meaning your Home Phone is capable of ringing anywhere in the world. Wherever you get the Internet, you’re capable of making a phone call via a hard phone (using a handset) or softphone (using your computer). As such, there is no need to worry about traveling abroad when VoIP travels with you since friends and family can reach you wherever you choose to travel. Even better, all of your calls to local numbers back home are routed exactly the same as when you call a local number from home. That means not paying an arm and a leg for long-distance calling. For anyone who has traveled abroad and understands the hassles of International calling, VoIP Home Phone ATA is a lifesaver.

Given the wide range of Home Phone, Travel Card and Mobile options provided by using VoIP, the theme for summer travel is simple. Plan your ideal destination with confidence when you pair your travel plans with the right VoIP plan. As such, here are some great summer destination ideas both domestic and abroad that will give you a summer worth talking about while you travel.

Follow the Sounds of Music to This Great Summer Festival

Listen up, jazz lovers, because this event should be at the top of your summer destination priorities. Montreal’s Festival International de Jazz de Montreal will be providing 350 shows, meaning it is next to impossible for jazz enthusiasts to walk away without a huge smile on their faces. Once the show ends for the day, don’t forget you are in Montreal! As one of Canada’s greatest cities, be sure to soak up all of the excitement and energy the city has to offer.

Catch a Play and Stay for the Scenery

For the theatre lover, Stratford Festival has you covered. There is sure to be a play that suits your fancy, and when the show is over, be sure to take in the natural beauty of Stratford. The town truly is fit for postcards, so be sure to take your VoIP ATA Phone with you so you can call your friends and tell them all about your incredible experience in Stratford.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Yoho National Park

For city dwellers, the concrete jungle can become a drag. To shake things up, why not head out to Yoho National Park and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in all of North America? Just be sure to remember your VoIP Mobile App if you venture off the beaten path since the VoIP Mobile App keeps you communicating even when the Internet is spotty.

Summer Destination Options Outside of Canada

For anyone that wants to leave Canada for the summer, why not take a visit to Honolulu? Hawaii is synonymous with a relaxing summer destination, and Honolulu is, arguably, the best Hawaiian locale to visit. Honolulu is filled with beautiful beaches, scenic hiking trails, outstanding bars, and historic culture, making it an ideal summer travel destination.

For anyone that wants to fly “across the pond”, Nice ( ... ounced like niece) is an incredible French destination that is sure to please. The sun-soaked Cote d’Azur is the ideal destination for the summer, and the Promenade des Anglais is as angelic as the name implies. Whether you love natural vistas, great food, or simply love to shop, there is something for everyone in Nice.

While these are just a few suggestions on exciting destinations for this summer’s travel, the options are practically endless. When you choose a destination for this summer while also choosing VoIP, you can choose almost any destination while resting safely in the knowledge that you can stay connected to friends and family back home.

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