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DIDWW Overtaking VoIPITS Customers

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We have come to know that VoIPITS (also works under MYPBX and CheapDID) is facing business continuity issues. VoIPTS had been in operation since 2013 and has worked as a reseller for Ireland based DIDWW since. In a statement to Gonevoip DIDWW declared:  “All of VoIPITS customers who were affected have been already informed about it and nearly everyone responded.” Also noted the impacted customers were contacted suggesting to port the phone numbers ASAP to DIDWW directly or to

In a further statement DIDWW said, What concerns VoIPITS, it seems that they are out of business as they stopped providing support to their own customers and did not respond either to our official requests or to end-user queries.”

We can attest to this, since we have repeated attempts to contact VoIPITS ourselves, but have gone unanswered.

To businesses and customers affected please take measures to ensure your business continuity.

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