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Best IPTV in Ontario

When it comes down to TV one thing is clear. Streaming is the new king. Cable TV or Satellite are options for those relegated by poor or lack of highspeed broadband...

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Landline vs VoIP

Whether you are starting a brand new business or you are looking at making some changes to a business you have run for a long time, it is never a bad idea to think long and...

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Find Vancouver Best Home Internet

In the Greater Vancouver Area, as it is for many of the cities across Canada, finding the best internet provider can prove to be a challenging task. You can find some...

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Best Home Internet in Montreal

In Montreal, as it is for the rest of Canada, to find the best internet provider can prove to be a very difficult task. There are many providers, and the entrenched Providers...

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Canada VoIP Market Trends 2019-2024

The communications continue to evolve,  and as such so does the adoption of VoIP (Voice over IP). It is estimated the market will grow to dominate cloud communications...

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The Business Phone has Evolved (Part 2)

Will Mobile VoIP take over? We all agree that the industry has changed and it is very apparent that a Cloud PBX solution with surrounding services is replacing legacy onsite...

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The Business Phone has Evolved (Part 1)

Perhaps you were expecting it, or maybe it was a surprise. Your long time and large Business Phone Service Provider (like Bell, Rogers or Shaw, etc.) notify you that a...

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Why MightyCall is the #1 VoIP for Canadians

Canada is a diverse, twenty-first century nation, with a twenty-first-century economy to boot. And not only does Canada have a twenty-first-century economy- it has a small...

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3 Top Reasons To Change Your Provider

It is not uncommon. However, switching the internet or phone providers can be a stressful situation. So much so that many avoid altogether. It is likely one has been with the...