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VoIP Much Acquires VBuzzer

VoIP Much has acquired the subscriber base and Brand VBuzzer from Softroute Corporation. Over the last few years VBuzzer had experienced a growing discontent from his...

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2016 The Year in Review

It is that magical time of the year, when one can look back at the year from the rear view mirror. We started 2016 with netTALK & Iristel dispute that left  thousands...

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Cast Away on a Deserted Island

“The phone system was an island and rescue was 10 years away.” Back in 2002 while running my last company, I was trying to evaluate my sales team’s...

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Gonevoip to Sponsor Canadian ISP Summit 2016

We are pleased to announce Gonevoip will be participating and featured as Media sponsor of the Canadian ISP Summit 2016. The summit takes place in Toronto November 7...

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Home Phone Comparison 2016 Edition

It is the return of the clash between traditional home phones, and digital (VoIP) phone lines! We have about a million VoIP (Digital) pones lines in Canada. With some estimated...

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Summer Calling

The longest day of the year, also known as summer solstice, marks the start of summer for all North Americans. Many people have plans to travel during summer either to escape...