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RingCentral for Small Business
RingCentral for Small Business

RingCentral for Small Business

Website: www.ringcentral.ca
Availability: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PEI, QC & SK
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May 25, 2019
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Submitted by: Josh Tiere (Calgary , AL)

A very reliable and affordable Hosted-PBX service

Like most businesses out there we have been searching for a phone system that met all our needs for a long time. We just recently looked into VoIP, and after trying two different providers we were about to give up on that as well. Deciding to give it one more shot after hearing about RingCentral was the best decision we ever made. We didn't want to manage our own PBX so we opted for their hosted solution. Our experience was a wonderful one. Our service never went down once, and the few times we did have to call them for various things (mostly adding features to our service) their customer support was quick, to the point, and consistent. The amount of features they provided us is enormous we are still playing around and learning new things we can do with the phone system. Just when we thought no one could provide the service we needed we found RingCentral, and I recommend if you are looking for a business phone provider you do the same.
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Meet the RingCentral Office. From the industry leader, we have a complete cloud phone system solution. Which is easy to set up and even easier to manage.  

In the following video, RingCentral answers what is a cloud phone system? Learn how your business phone service can get to the cloud.

The transition is ever so smooth, facilitated by a RingCentral implementation specialist taking care of the technical aspects. While a RingCentral account representative helps dimension the cloud business phone solution to match your needs and growth.

RingCentral Office provides you a very flexible set of management tools, you can manage it from a tablet, desktop computer or a mobile phone with a user-friendly, intuitive web interface.  

RingCentral Office further enhances the mobile workforce, with a superior mobile app. The App allows your employees to make calls, get messages, send and receive faxes as if they were in the office. 

What is best is that RingCentral will give you a Free Demo, and if need more time deciding you also have a Free Trial. After which you can choose from one of the five plans available:

  • RingCentral Office Essentials @ $24.99 a month per user (up to 10 users)
  • RingCentral Office Standard @ $29.99 a month per user (unlimited users, incl. Internet Fax and more!)
  • RingCentral Office Premium @ $39.99 a month per user (unlimited users, incl. Internet Fax, Auto Call Recording and more!)
  • RingCentral Office Ultimate @ $54.99 a month per user (unlimited users, incl. Internet Fax, Auto Call Recording, 200 participants per meeting and more!)

With these RingCentral Office plans, you are sure to find the ideal cloud phone plan for your business. Call Today 1-844-262-5005 and begin your transition to the cloud!

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