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Devices: iPhone, Android & Windows PC
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF, NS, ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly : $4.95 CAD


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January 11, 2024
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Submitted by: Natasha (Oshawa , ON)
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Horrible customer service

I have been trying to cancel my service since December 2023 and they still have not gotten back to me. Their customer service is terrible. As soon as they hear you want to cancel they stop responding.

Reply from: Imtiaz
June 14, 2024
I agree with you. Their customer service is horrible. I prepaid $127 for a whole year and since they were not able to port-in my number, I requested cancellation and a refund but they stopped responding to me.

Please do not be lured by this company. It will be a nightmare. They just stop responding and they do not have live support. Everything is dine via email.
October 1, 2023
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Submitted by: Nelson Tavares (Laval , QU)
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Happy Customer

Been using this service for years. Saved a lot by using Fongo Home. Very seldom do I have to reset the module. And when I do it is due to a power failure.
August 26, 2023
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Submitted by: Leslie (Toronto , ON)
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Adapter is defective after 3 months

Rip off for 3 months of services. Not worth the hassle.

Reply from: Tonya Corivo
January 4, 2024
Defective grandstream after 2 weeks of use ... now they put the fault on my handset , thats their way to get rid of clients ... hey ! im a fkn network engineer ... i kno what a 600 Ohms line is, this fkn fongo has damaged my Engenius FreeStyle 2 600$$$ phone system ...
April 28, 2023
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Submitted by: Shelley Morey (St. Catharines , ON)
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No service

Over the past 3 days there has been no phone service or texting capabilities. No energency calling. I am a paying subscriber.
April 18, 2023
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Submitted by: Xavier (Montreal , QU)
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New Subscriber

After many years of paying for traditional landline I finally switched over to VOIP. First tried the audio quality with one supplier and was disappointed with noise and audio drop-off. Then tried Fongo. Got excellent support from Kevin. Happy with the quality of audio and the ease of installation. Connected my existing cordless phone and the switch over was seamless.
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About Fongo Home Phone

Fongo Home Phone is a reliable and cost-effective home phone service offered by Fongo Inc., a Canadian-based company specializing in communication services. Fongo Home Phone provides a practical alternative to traditional landline phone services, offering users an affordable and feature-rich home phone solution.

Fongo Inc. was established in 2010, and since then, it has been committed to delivering innovative communication services that cater to the needs of Canadian consumers. Fongo Home Phone is one of its flagship offerings, providing quality voice calling and essential features without the burden of expensive monthly bills.

With Fongo Home Phone, users can enjoy crystal-clear voice calls, reliable connectivity, and a range of features to enhance their home communication experience. The service operates over the internet, utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver a seamless and cost-effective home phone service.

Key Features of Fongo Home Phone

Fongo Home Phone comes equipped with a variety of features designed to meet the communication needs of Canadian households. Some of the key features include:

  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling: With Fongo Home Phone, users can enjoy unlimited calling to numbers across Canada, allowing them to stay connected with friends and family without worrying about long-distance charges.
  • Voicemail: Fongo Home Phone provides a voicemail feature, enabling users to receive and manage voicemail messages directly from their home phone.
  • Caller ID: Users can see the caller's phone number on their display, making it easy to identify incoming calls.
  • Call Waiting: Fongo Home Phone supports call waiting, allowing users to accept another call while on a call.
  • 911 Emergency Services: Fongo Home Phone includes access to 911 emergency services for added peace of mind.
  • Free App-to-App Calling: With the Fongo Mobile App, users can make free app-to-app calls to other Fongo users, extending their communication capabilities beyond the home phone.
  • Port Existing Number: Users have the option to port their existing phone number to Fongo Home Phone, eliminating the need to inform contacts of a new number.
  • Online Account Management: Fongo Home Phone users can manage their accounts online, making it easy to access billing information and manage settings.


Fongo Home Phone stands out in the market for its affordable pricing and transparent billing. The service offers cost-effective monthly plans, and users have the flexibility to choose a plan that best suits their needs. Pricing for Fongo Home Phone plans typically includes a base fee, providing unlimited Canada-wide calling along with the core features mentioned earlier.

Fongo Home Phone also offers optional add-ons for international calling at competitive rates, allowing users to make calls to international destinations at affordable prices. The transparency in pricing and straightforward billing has been well-received by customers, as it enables them to enjoy reliable home phone service without unexpected fees or overages.

Fongo Home Phone's affordability and value have made it a popular choice for budget-conscious households seeking an economical and reliable home phone service in Canada.

Customer Reviews and Reputation of Fongo Home Phone

Fongo Home Phone has garnered positive reviews from its users, and its reputation as an affordable and reliable home phone service has contributed to its popularity in the Canadian market. Customer reviews and testimonials highlight the following aspects of Fongo Home Phone's customer experience and reputation:

  • Affordable Pricing: Customers appreciate Fongo Home Phone's low-cost plans, offering an economical home phone service without compromising on quality.
  • Clear Voice Quality: Users have praised the clarity of voice calls provided by Fongo Home Phone, ensuring excellent call quality for everyday conversations.
  • Reliable Connectivity: Fongo Home Phone's stability and consistent connection have been commended by customers, allowing for seamless communication.
  • User-Friendly: The service's straightforward setup and user-friendly interface have made it easy for customers to use and manage their Fongo Home Phone accounts.
  • Customer Support: Fongo Home Phone's customer support team has received positive feedback for its responsiveness and helpful assistance in addressing inquiries and technical issues.
  • Porting Existing Number: Customers find the option to port their existing phone numbers to Fongo Home Phone convenient and time-saving.
  • Mobile App Flexibility: Users value the ability to make free app-to-app calls with the Fongo Mobile App, providing added flexibility to stay connected while on the move.
  • Transparent Billing: Fongo Home Phone's transparent pricing and billing system have been well received by customers, ensuring clarity and predictability in their monthly charges.


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Can you use an existing phone number that is registered to me

Hi Barry, Technically yes. For that matter most VoIP Home Providers are capable to porting most of the phone numbers. Note some phone numbers may not be available for porting, some old Bell lines for example. Though that is something outside the VoIP Home Phone provider; since Bell or whomever hosts the number have to upgrade the infrastructure first. Also note in the case of Fongo, they charge $25 + Tax to port the number. While the charging for number portability is not unusual, most providers nowadays do this for free. Hope this was helpful. The GoneVoIP Team

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when will you provide numbers for area code 709, Newfoundland??

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can I use zoiper with your service?

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