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The Most Powerful VoIP Star Codes Unleashed

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All the features, known as “calling features” on VoIP lines are available as star codes. To use the VoIP star codes simply put the phone on speaker mode, and then dial the “*” followed by two or three digits codes. Most residential VoIP providers use two digits. On the other hand business providers will extend to up to 3 digits.

The neat thing is that star codes may be enabled or disabled, such as call forwarding, on-demand, or on a per-call basis. For example, dial *72 to forward all calls to voicemail when busy watching the game, et voila! 🙂

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Below we describe and list some of the most commonly used VoIP Star Codes in Canada.

Star CodeCalling Feature Description
*30 Blacklist an individual number.
*52 + NumberCall Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate.
*67For privacy, this will block your Caller ID name and number.
*69Return a call to the last person that called in.
*70Cancel call waiting. Usually call waiting is enabled by default.
*71Enable call waiting.
*72 + NumberForward all calls to the phone number entered after the feature code.
*73Cancel call forwarding.
*77Block all anonymous calls.
*78Activate Do Not Disturb (DND).
*79De-activate Do Not Disturb (DND).
*97Access your own voicemail.
*98Dial any voicemail.

To Wrap Up

The VoIP star codes are very convenient shortcuts to accessing modern features of your phone system by simply dialing the code into your phone. Being able to forward all calls to your cell phone before taking the dog for a walk by dialing *72 is simply awesome.

This guide highlighted some common features codes used by most VoIP phone providers, note that some may have more or less, including some custom codes.

In short hope, this guide helps get the most out of VoIP phone systems.

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