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Devices: Android, IOS, Mac
Availability: BC
Monthly Price: $5.99 CAD

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Surf Internet is a telecommunications provider based in British Columbia which specializes in providing internet service as well as digital TV and residential VOIP. While they provide all of those services, their bread and butter is the internet.

Surf Internet’s actual corporation name is IAAK Technologies Inc. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of Canadian engineers. Surf Internet’s headquarters are in Coquitlam, British Colombia.

In this GoneVoIP review of Surf Internet, we will take a look at the digital phone services Surf provides, and see how it stacks up versus some of the top providers featured in the GoneVoIP platform.

As mentioned earlier, Surf Internet focuses their business mainly on the internet, so the information on their website regarding their residential Home Phone VoIP services is somewhat limited.

The most important factor is prominently listed, and that is the price. The digital home phone service checks in at $5.99 per month. However, information beyond that is scarce, which is always a negative when looking at a telecommunications provider of any kind.

Other information listed includes that they have competitive international rates; however, those rates are not listed anywhere on the site. A complimentary analog phone adapter is also included, and mobile apps for the VoIP service are reportedly available in the Google Play and Apple App stores. However, when we checked each store there was no App to be found!

In the terms and conditions, we find out that Surf has a North America calling plan however that title is deceiving as it does not include Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Northwest Territories or even Mexico. Furthermore, the price of this plan is not listed anywhere.

The only features listed are enhanced 911, call display and voicemail to email.

Our review of Surf Internet’s Digital Home Phone plan is therefore somewhat incomplete. For all we know, the service could be fantastic but there is so little information provided that we are forced to be skeptical. The $5.99 price is reasonable but there are cheaper options out there. While we did like their internet service, we cannot recommend their digital Home Phone service.

It is always a good policy to deal with a company in their specialty. In this case, Surf Internet’s specialty is far and away from their internet service, not their Home Phone services. It is better off to get a Home phone service through a company that focuses mainly on Home Phone services. In our experience, some companies provide multiple telecommunication services successfully, but most focus on one area and occasionally offer the other services but just as an added bonus.

With Surf Internet, we have no idea what their long distance rates are or any features which their phone service may or may not include.

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