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Rogers Business Phone
Rogers Business Phone

Rogers Business Phone

Monthly : $23.99 CAD

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Finding the right business phone is something you can’t afford to get wrong. You want to ensure you are providing the best possible service to your customers and keep pace with the demands of a changing business world. Rogers Business Phone provides a wide variety of solutions designed to keep you in touch with your customers with the features, wireless options, and bundles that are cost-effective for small businesses.

Rogers Business Phone Plans

Rogers's small business phone plans are designed to keep you connected with dependable services available in a number of packages including long-distance options. You can customize your solutions with the features you need.

Affordability is key, offering flexible packages with toll-free and conferencing services without the need to switch to a Rogers business phone number. Reliable long-distance is available at affordable rates whether you are calling across North America or around the globe. You can also keep track of usage by department, employee or even by project. You can distribute reports to multiple locations using their Multi-Location Invoicing while Call Detail Reporting provides easy tracking.              

Rogers Wireless Business Phone

Rogers Wireless Business Phone service provides an affordable option for small businesses that want to remain in touch with their clients. Business wireless devices provide instant access to phone service when you need it with reliable business lines to maintain a professional image. Their wireless network does not require installation. It is the perfect option for small business owners who require a portable line for kiosks and remote job sites. You will have a dedicated customer line ideal for your home office that fits within your budget. You will enjoy unlimited Canada-wide Calling to meet your long-distance needs.

Rogers Unison

This business phone option allows you to enjoy the affordability and flexibility of a mobile business phone your way. You choose to use a smartphone, desk phone, laptop or tablet. You have the benefits of a traditional phone, without the cost. Rogers Unison is ideal if your business does not require a landline. This cost is eliminated yet you still have all the functionality of a dependable phone system. You can meet the needs of multiple employees while improving your customer service using the best devices including IP Phones, mobile phones, softphones for desktop computers or tablets, and connect analog equipment. Unison can be added to any of their eligible wireless packages for just $15.00 per month.


You have two service options for Rogers business phone:

  1. Basic $37.99 per month: As the name implies this only includes your basic phone service and does not offer any features or include any free long-distance usage.
  2. Business Phone Pro $53.99 per month: You can also elect to sign up for a 2-year plan for Business Pro for just $23.99 per month.  Keep in mind you will be locked in for a full two year period. You will receive unlimited North American long-distance calls with this option making it suitable if you deal with customers or suppliers outside your location.

This plan also offers your choice of any six of the following business phone features:

  • Business Voicemail         
  • Call Display
  • Call Forward      
  • Call Return Busy and Last
  • Call Screen
  • Call Transfer      
  • Call Waiting
  • Distinctive Ring                
  • Enhanced Call Forward
  • Line Hunting      
  • Per-Call Display Blocking
  • Simultaneous Ring          
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Toll Block            

A suitable business phone plan must fit your budget without sacrificing customer service. Rogers's business phone services offer a number of options whether you require a local, long-distance, mobile, internet or a combination. Then, if you are okay to have your business locked into a contract then Rogers Business Phone services may be for you.  


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