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Services: Cable
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Monthly Price: $35 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$35 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 35 Mbps

Upload: 35 Mbps

Cap: 350 GB

Overage: 20GB/$5

Novus is a telecommunications service provider which has a stable and established business in Canada. They provide customers with internet services, VoIP solutions, and television entertainment. Novus also offers a variety of bundles using all three of their services to help customers save money in any which way they can. Novus not only caters to the needs of residential users but also provides its services respectively to business owners as well. Novus is available in condominium buildings across Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey and North Vancouver, and continue to grow

The headquarters of Novus can be found at #300 - 112 E 3rd Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 1C8 Canada. Let us now review one of the basic residential internet plans that Novus has to offer to get more insight into their services!

Novus offers high speeds connections from the get-go, with the lowest speed starting at 35 mbps.  For starters, all of Novus Internet plans come with Symmetrical Speeds, meaning in all plans Download and Upload speeds are equal. Which is great as typically the upload speed is always a third of the download. To make things more interesting with Novus higher tiers plans, these now include Unlimited Data!

Most providers start off at 6 or 7 mbps of download speeds as their starter plan for residential users, so this difference is certainly refreshing. The 35 Mbps plan comes with a download and upload speeds of up to, well, 35 Mbps. This plan has a usage cap of 350 GB and comes with a price tag of $35 per month for the first year. You can add an unlimited usage for $15 a month. The overall pricing is quite fair if we consider the prices other prominent internet service providers implement a similar internet plan. For example, TekSavvy offers a 25 Mbps plan which has upload speeds of only up to 2.5 mbps and a usage cap of 300 GBs also for $39.95 per month! This is a clear indication that Novus is certainly doing their research on the competition that they have to face!

Overage charges are something that Novus exhibits a leniency that we have never noticed with any other service provider before. On the first instance of exceeding the limit, Novus will reset the limit free of charge. On the second instance of exceeding the limit, Novus will notify the customer and provide them with two options; or have the speed throttle. Providing customers with options specified in terms of overage charges is something that many providers do not do!

Novus also offers some of the Best High-Speed Internet packages we have seen in the country. With Download/Upload speeds of 100 Mbps @ $50, or 300 Mbps @ $60 and the blistering 1000 Mbps @ $69!

In all fairness, Novus makes a very strong case for itself just in the fact that their plan is on par with some of the best internet providers out there in terms of pricing, speeds and bandwidth allocation. Furthermore, their casual approach to overage charges makes them stand out from other internet service providers and are definitely worth a second glance when on the prowl for a reliable internet services provider!

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