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Services: Cable, DSL & Dry-Loop
Availability: BC, NS & PEI
Monthly Price: $91.30 CAD

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Download: 100Mbps




Authcom is one of the more unique businesses that we have come across in recent times. Authcom has been providing internet solutions for the past 25 years making them experienced and furbished in the world of telecommunications. However telecommunications is not their only strong suit, they also provide a variety of other services like Social network advertising, engine refurbishing, a Mustang shop that specifically works on the restoration and repair of Mustangs, and a performance engine centre. Authcom is certainly all over the market with the services they provide.

The headquarters of Authcom can be found at 12 Chipman Drive Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 3V7 Canada. However, our focus will remain on their internet services as we review their flagship plan for residential users.

Authcom offers a residential high-speed unlimited plan which comes with a download speed of up to 100 Mbps for $91.30 per month. As a consumer who is looking into any service, one must be aware of his or her consumption. Unlimited plans can be a tricky endeavour that people later on regret. Cheaper capped plans can be a better solution for someone who uses no more than 200 to 300 gigs on a monthly basis. The pricing on this plan is way too high and the unlimited aspect of the plan is the most probable cause of it. Though the download speed at 100 Mbps is certainly a premium to pay. Altima Telecom offers a 25 Mbps plan that comes with an unlimited usage as well. They offer this plan for $44.95. Furthermore, Altima's plan comes with his own modem for free, or free rental.

A very important thing to point out was the lack of a terms and conditions policy on the Authcom website. They did have a privacy policy which leads us to question why there was no terms and conditions page. Whether or Authcom throttles bandwidth for users who have unlimited bandwidth is something they did not mention. 

All in all, Authcom needs to rework the pricing scheme with their unlimited packages. Many providers are opting into either unlimited or large capped plans offered at a cheaper cost rather than going unlimited plans being smacked with insane costs to gain customer volume. Authcom may very well need to do the same! Also, Authcom may want to separate business units as it just bizarre you can get Internet high-speed, your computer fixed in the same place where you could get your brake pads renew! 

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Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark
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