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Virgin Mobile Home Phone
Virgin Mobile Home Phone

Virgin Mobile Home Phone

Coverage: AB & BC (select areas in QC)
Monthly : $20 CAD

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August 20, 2022
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Submitted by: Marian Broughton (Edmonton , AL)
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Nice man

I would like to tell you about Darian.. he was the nicest man and really helpful..I went to virgin mobile to get an tablet...he went the extra mile for me..he was nice..well spoken...this man gave true customer service.
I was so impressed that if I had to say a number I'd say 10 out of 10...he deserves a raise
July 6, 2022
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Submitted by: John (Laval , QU)
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services not exactly true

Call display will only show a number that is in your address book...otherwise, it shows only the number...every other service provider i was with showed both name and number. VERY MISLEADING (to me) calling it "Call Display".. Also signal is not strong wether I place the "box" inside or outside

Reply from: Susan
December 9, 2022
My daughter (grade 9) got phone bill this month, $586. Her cell plan was 20G data limit plan. Without notice she got 3.5G data over the limit (20G). Over 3.5G data Virgin Mobile Canada charged over $551, $15 /100 MB. I could not believe Virgin runs their business like this. Actually I even did not want give them any star!
May 10, 2022
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Submitted by: Joyce Wendell (Calgary , AL)
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Customers are $$$ thats it!

After almost 2 years of almost perfect payment history I got COVID and was unable to work causing me to fall behind in my bills, now that I am back at work and making faithful payments (over $1000 in just over a month) they are refusing to give me an extension clearing my balance for just 10 days. They say they treat their customers nicely but they only see customers as dollar signs not human beings
March 12, 2020
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( , )
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I_ve been with virgin mobile for 5years without missing a payment and in good standings. Last may i decided to get my girlfriend on the same plan as me. With all the insurances. Within a week she dropped her phone at work and cracked the screen and the phone no longer...
March 12, 2020
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( , )
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Review from

Had an appt today for 5-9 p.m for home internet installation, they were a no show. I left work early to be here for 5 , finally I called at 830 to find out if they were still coming. while I waited on hold the "dispatch department" left a voicemail saying sorry we cant make it today we will come Wednesday( 2 days later) between 5 and 9..What a joke.
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Setup Fee Long Distance Rates

Intl. Minutes:

Virgin Mobile, a division of Bell Canada, entered into the Home Phone wagon as other wireless carriers have done before. Fido, a Rogers division, had done and similarly, Koodo did too (a Telus division).

Seems Virgin Mobile is not activily promoting the Home Phone. We had to search for the page as there is no linkage directly from Virgin's website. With that said, let's review now Virgin Mobile Home Phone offers. At this time the Virgin Mobile Home Phone is available only in Alberta, British Columbia and in some regions of Quebec. There are two types of plans available with the Virgin Home Phone, a contract-less and 2-year contract. Let us now review these.

  • Contractless (Month-to-month)
    • First 12-months: $5 per month. Thereafter $20 per month (or whatever the regular price is at that time)
    • (One-time charge) Home Phone Hub: $135
    • One-time connection charge: $45
  • On a 2-Year Contract
    • First 12-month: $5 per month. 
    • Thereafter $20 per month (or whatever the regular price is at that time)
    • Home Phone Hub: $5.63 per month for 24-months (Total: $135.12)
    • One time connection charge: $35

The Home Hub is, in essence, an ATA adapter that allows connecting up to 2 regular Home Phone. The main difference is that Virgin Mobile Home Phone Hub uses a SIM card, similar to the one used on mobile phones. Shall be noted that once Virgin Mobile Home Phone is registered the SIM is locked to that particular Home Phone Hub, so it cannot be used anywhere else.

in terms of International Long Distance plans Virgin Mobile Home Phone offers 3 plans:

  1. International Long Distance Saver @ $5 per month
  2. Unlimited Talk to Hong Kong & China @ $15 per month
  3. 1000 Minutes to India @ $20 per month

Virgin Mobile Home Phone supports number portability, meaning you can keep your existing phone number. Virgin Home Phone may be a good alternative for some but you can get a lot more when comparing services with other providers. Also, the fact is only available in Alberta, British Columbia and in some regions of Quebec, this speaks of, ironically, limited mobility.

Because is Virgin Mobile, once you are a 'member' in theory you can cancel at any time. Though a warning; if opted for the two-year contract, you may cancel at any time but have to pay up the remaining of the Home Phone Hub balance.

We simply believe there are better Home Phone service providers out there, cheaper and offering more features.


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