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G3 Telecom LD Philippines
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G3 Telecom LD Philippines
G3 Telecom LD Philippines

G3 Telecom LD Philippines

Website: www.g3telecom.com
Devices: Android, iOS, Home Phone
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PEI, QC, SK, NT, NU, YK
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December 6, 2016
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Submitted by: Tim (Aurora , ON)
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Uncaring telecom

I initially signed on as a customer when the company was Telna. I had been a customer for a little over 3 years until recently when I was charged 80 cents a minutes for called to Uganda over the month of November. I received nothing about the 300% increase in the rate. Over the past three years it was 16 to 21 cents a minute. I was notified by email whenever the rates were due to change.

I contacted customer service several times to ask why I was not notified. All I got was a robotic quote of the rate and the minutes used from the rep. No attempt to work with me on the rate or helping me with their rate of 37 cents a minute for pre paid service. All they were concerned with was their almighty dollar. Pissing all over the customer who is attempting to resolve what they perceive to be an issue with an extremely high rate. I will never recommend this company to anyone as they do not value their customers.

I will never use their service again and if they are to purchase another company I am using for calling Uganda I will drop that account too before I get screwed by G3 Telecom again on unannounced rate increase. I would like to add that I attempted to request some type of help to minimize the charge over several different calls. I never spoke with anyone that even cared I felt I had been overcharged. They got their money and now have an enemy for life as I will make a stand to talk about their severe lack of interest in working with the customer.
September 15, 2014
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Submitted by: Nick (brampton , ON)
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G3 long distance rating

Noticed G3 telecom billing system has a round up error which when brought to G3's attention don't want to address it as making few cents extra each call times number of calls in a day times number of subscribers bring additional revenue to G3.
Apart from that suggest never go for pre-paid account. I used this service when I checked the rate applied, G3 used an older rate than the rates posted on their website. I asked for adjustment for the calls to the revised rate and G3 telecom customer response was "sorry it is your responsibility to call in and ask for updating your account as G3 does not have the liability to update all accounts with new pricing". Again stealing your money. it might be minor impact to you but think overall business and revenue gained by G3telecom.
June 25, 2014
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Submitted by: Krishan Singh (Kitchener , ON)
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Excellent customer service

We have been using G3 Telecom from one year and we have enjoyed the reliability of their service. We have not had any service issues and we have found the team to be very responsive to our needs. We would recommend this service to any company. They did not cut my money.they have reliable service.
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Setup Fee Long Distance Rates

Intl. Minutes: 1.3¢/min

Call the Philippines with our lowest rate ever!  Use G3 from your landline and cell and call any PLDT, SMART, or Sun Cellular for as low as 1.3¢/minute! Guaranteed clear quality! No contract, No Activation Fees, No Hidden Charges! Free trial available! Use the G3 Mobile App for the most convenient calling to the Philippines!

G3 Telecom has partnered with PLDT, SMART, and Sun Cellular to offer the best long-distance bundles to the Philippines yet! Canadian customers can choose between two plans: a monthly plan that gives users 2000 minutes/month for only $26! That’s only 1.3 cents/minute! OR a 15-day plan that gives users 500 minutes for only $10.50! That’s only 2.1 cents/minute! For both plans, users can call any PLDT, SMART, or Sun Cellular number in the Philippines! Plus users don’t need to commit to any contract, no activation fees, no hidden charges, and no Internet connection required! G3 guarantees clear quality and even offers a FREE trial for all new users! Customers can call from either their landline or cell phone. Even better, G3 Telecom offers its G3 Mobile App available on the App Store on iOS and Android that allows users to conveniently manage their account, access exclusive offers, dialler integration into their contact list, and call via cellular minutes, data, and even Wi-Fi connection!

About G3 Telecom

G3 Telecom is registered with the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating).

Established in 1999, G3 is registered with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and serves customers in both countries with over 20 million minutes processed monthly.

G3 Telecom provides easy and affordable long-distance services to Canadian and USA based customers with a special focus on ethnic markets.G3’s focus is to provide a superior quality product with no hidden charges or fees and exceptional customer service.G3 Telecom has built a reputation of providing honest, reliable and quality long distance service.

Listen to what customers say about G3 Telecom:

“I have used G3 for 2 years now and find them great. I have used the service in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and the USA, and of course at home in Canada with never a problem! I have always found the customer service to be excellent, and will on my return from Arizona be switching my home phone to G3 from Shaw.” – Jerry Pullen

“I am using G3 Telecom long distance service for the past 8 years. It’s excellent. I use it from my home phone, cell phone and from any phone anywhere from the U.S. and Canada. The connection is fast and efficient and good sound quality. Operator service also competent and courteous.” – Vinod Lodhiya


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