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Website: www.heronet.ca
Devices: None
Coverage: ON & QC
Monthly : $15.88 CAD

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May 1, 2018
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Submitted by: Maria Michela Gregoric (Montreal North , QC)
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The absolute best provider ever

I have never in my life seen such high quality of customer service in my life and I worked in sales and customer service for over 30 years. They reply to you very quickly and go out of their way to help you. I'm also extremely happy that my service and the speed is better than what I've ever seen with Bell or Videotron. I have had nothing but disappointment from these companies. Bell is beyond pathetic. So it is so refreshing to actually get great service and amazing patient caring customer service. I definitely recommend them to everyone. You will be glad you chose Heronet. They're almost just worth it with their automated voice system alone. It's hysterical. Thank you Matt and Heronet!! You're awesome!!!
September 22, 2016
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Submitted by: Simon Chan (Montreal , QC)

Best customer service!

When making a choice for service provider, I read the review on this website as well as canadianisp.ca

Rating not so good here, but canadianisp review says this is best provider, so I decided to call.

Phone service is unlimited in Canada for 10.88$ per month with unlimited internet plan for 48.88$. Very nice Hero, asking question on to find right speed and explain video streaming. They say I may not need unlimited Internet and other offer limited service elsewhere but I like to be safe. Service installed in 7 days like they say and all is working best!
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Intl. Minutes:

HeroNet was founded very recently back in 2014, and within these six years, they have gained a lot of positive footing in the telecom world.

They pride themselves on the exquisite internet and VoIP services and they offer their services across Quebec and Ontario. They have a wide variety of cable and FTTN plans that are tailored to match the specific needs of customers, as well as unique VoIP plans tailored to meet the needs of unique clientele. All of their plans are unlimited which may seem to be a great deal but it doesn’t always work out that way. Some customers like doing light browsing, or streaming and do not engage in downloading large files, and for these customers, a capped plan with a lower price is the best option. However, our focus will be retained to review one of Heronet's prominent residential phone plans to see how they contend against the competition.

Heronet offers a Canada wide calling plan which costs a total of $15.88 per month. This plan has unlimited calling minutes across Canada and does offer a variety of features. However the pricing on this plan is far too high in comparison to many of the other service providers that offer Canada wide, and North America wide calling plans! For example, PhonePower charges only $5.99 per month for an unlimited plan for the entirety of North America!  Furthermore, VoIPo offers a North America wide plan as well which only costs $6.21 cents per minute. In all regards, the pricing that HeroNet is implementing is a bit too high!

HeroNet did not portray the international calling rates that they implement. Upon conversing with a HeroNet representative we were told that calling cards are a far more viable option, thus posting the list of international rates would be pointless. This just tells us that the international calling rates which HeroNet offers are too high to give any real consideration. Though we did like honesty!

HeroNet does offer a comprehensive amount of features, but there was no mention of a smart app. The integration of smartphones with the VoIP service is very important considering everyone is much more comfortable using their personal devices rather than a cordless phone. Hence not providing a smart app to customers is rather counterproductive in trying to gain a large amount of clientele.

From the pricing to the features, HeroNet Home Phone just does not compare well against the Best. There are far better options in terms of pricing, international rates, and pricing to consider HeroNet! HeroNet must rework the pricing on this plan and also add a smart app to the round of their VoIP Home Phone service!


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