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Execulink is by far one of the oldest telecommunications providers in the world. Execulink is over a century old having been founded way back in 1904. Execulink boasts very large numbers in providing service. It has provided its services to over 50,000 businesses both residential, and government based. This track record is in fact very impressive. Their headquarters can be found at 1127 Ridgeway Road Woodstock, Ontario N4V 1E3 Canada.

Not only does Execulink provide VoIP services, but it also does a lot of charity work! It has supported over 150 non-profit organizations and charitable organizations every year! As impressive as this may seem, it is important that we get down to the nitty-gritty and see what their service is like!

One thing we found utterly disappointing is the lack of any pricing on the website. The only way we could gain any information on any of the plans provided by Execulink was by phone or through email. Both methods were fruitless considering no reply was given, and representatives required a quote on phone call before dwelling on matters of price and key features. This tactic of upselling is rather disappointing and it just takes a long time for a customer to reach the information that they desire!

The Digital Phone Service plan of Execulink does boast a variety of features; however, it falls short of what the norm is these days. Nor can we be sure that the existing features do not carry an extra charge in the overall monthly bill! There was no mention of any fax to email service, which business owners are certainly on the prowl for when looking at business plans. Many providers offer fax to email services, some at an extra rate, while others make it all inclusive with the fees of the plan. Regardless of that,

Execulink does not bring to the table the punch that is required in modern-day business telecommunications. No mention was made towards smartphone integration, nor was there a smart app, and this is another upset considering how smartphones have taken over the world in terms of staying on the move while staying in contact with your business!

The website itself is designed in a way that quickly gets you to a buying page. Instead of offering rates and a lengthy list of features, the page just ends with “ways to buy”. This is rather disappointing considering the acclaim that Execulink has managed to generate. 

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