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October 19, 2023
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Submitted by: Media Agency (London , ON)
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The best on-call support!

We never have to wait more than 2 rings (usually less!) to get support.

AND.. the training they provide on their website is so helpful when onboarding new staff.
April 7, 2023
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Submitted by: Sara (Vancouver , BR)
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It does the job but read your bills carefully every month!

We get what we need out of it, and it's reasonably customizable and workable, though could be more user-friendly, or have a better design. When you look at how great interfaces can be these days, it's a little lackluster.
The most frustrating part is that we had the 1-800 number enabled for the company and we would get charged upwards of $20 monthly for it. We finally realized that they were charging us by the minute for the calls, however we never received these supposed calls that were coming through, and we hadn't listed our 1800 number anywhere that the public could access it. When I realized this, they said they looked into it and it was bots or scam calls of some kind but they would only reimburse us for the month or two before, even though we had had the service for years. My question is, if that is so common, why don't they have a system to look at that already?
Multiple times I have asked to have services removed or changed, and it takes me messaging them for a few months before the service gets changed. It's like the departments don't have a great communication system.
They are quick to reply to emails, and the service is fairly inexpensive.

Reply from: Aaron Atkinson
October 17, 2023
Sorry you had this experience with YOVU, we do care about our customers and are working hard to reduce the amount of spam calls to our network. We have made some improvements to reduce the volume and increase our monitoring of these spam calls. I see you are still a customer, we will have someone reach out to you to see if we can find a better way to resolve your concerns.
December 1, 2020
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Submitted by: KRISTA PELLOW (London , ON)
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Business Owner

Highly Recommend. No Downtime. Always connected and crystal clear.
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YOVU Cloud Office Phone System

Founded in 2010, LCA Systems of London Ontario was reselling and supporting onsite IP PBX systems such as ShoreTel and others. In 2017 the company launched YOVU Office Phone service.

YUVO  Business Services or (YO)ur (V)oice (U)nified is a Cloud PBX Phone service that allows the client to divest in all voice trunks and complex infrastructure towards the plug and play IP Business Phones that simply operate over the internet.

The YUVO business value proposition is a relatively low cost, locally supported enterprise-grade Business services telephone solution that is feature-rich and user-friendly. 

What does YOVU offer?

YOVU Office Phone is the main product for sale as a cloud-based full feature communications platform that can unite work done at Desk Phones, Smart Phones, and your Desktop computers. 

Some of the Included features are unlimited Canada and USA voice, cell phone integration, vmail to email, SMS + chat, eFax and call reporting and analytics via a user portal.   It is considered a commercial platform for business services and is not classified as open source.

YOVU with LCA offers several models of plug and play IP Business phones from simple office phones, wireless office phones to boardroom conference sets and rugged cordless phones.

Software integrations include Salesforce.com and Bria the softphone client to round out the business services portfolio.

Delivering the YOVU business platform are two Tier 3 data centers in Hamilton and Mississauga Ontario.   An expansion is planned for a western data center. Availability SLAs are available for 99.99% uptime.

Unique features

YOVU and LCA are open to reselling partnerships for the cloud-based solution. They do not sell IT or Internet services so there will be little overlap with potential new resale partners.  

Pros and Cons

The cloud model allows the client to shed big telco voice connections and much of the equipment and effort needed to operate a PBX in-house.  The company prides itself on great local support and personalized service that delights its customers.

The cloud-based YOVU Cloud Office Phone system is a new platform that needs to gain a proven base of mid-sized Canadian Businesses as reference accounts.  This is a software-centric provider that also supplies desktop phones.  A new IP Telephony customer may also need to partner to gain internet access, LAN services, and onsite support. 


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