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October 2, 2015
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Submitted by: TheCustomer (Torontp , ON)

I would NEVER buy their service.

This company is going to try to SCAM your money!!!!

One of the worst experiences I have ever had with a telecommunications company (Even worse than Bell and Rogers). I will never buy any services from them ever again. The call quality was horrible, a lot of the time the other side would not hear me or the line would not work. And when it worked, the call would randomly cut off. So I disconnected the service. (this is not the bad part)

After cutting off the service and returning the voip device. I get a call from a collections agency (2 years later) stating that I owe them money for the product and I have no choice but to pay them or they will ruin my credit score.

These guys had the nerve to first offer bad service and then tried to pull more money from me by stating that I had not retuned the device and want another $80. WOW!!

The collections agent even said that Telehop gave them a TON of accounts to collect money. This leads me to assume that they are going after all their old customers to get money out of them and trying what works. Which is a good money making scheme....

I had an EXTREMELY bad experience with these guys.

Do your self a favour and go to anther company, there are plenty of companies that offer cheaper service at a better price go to them.
April 25, 2015
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Submitted by: munib samir (maple , ON)

worst customer service

I will not recommend this company to anyone. I cancelled my account in december 2014 due to poor quality but they kept on billing me. when I complaint to CCTS they charged me 59.99 for product charges which was returned by me, personally went to their office.They will keep on teasing by different ways.

Reply from: Par
September 24, 2015
I also had a very similar experience. I cancelled my account and they billed me for 5 months of service at once. The service stopped working for me for about 5 months and I asked for a refund, which they did not take seriously and basically laughed in my face. Instead of refunding me, they took my money. I reported this to BBB and I encourage all others to do the same, they are like a scam, TELEHOP is TERRIBLE!
December 13, 2014
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Submitted by: Eduardo Suarez-Mason (Toronto , ON)

Worst service provider in the GTA

Anyone looking for an alternative service provider should avoid using TELEHOP.
They will gladly collect their monthly fees, but don't expect them to provide you with service.
I had the unfortunate experience of being one of their subscribers. After a fractious year of on and off service last April all service ceased to work. I was left with no home telephone and no internet service. I spent countless hours on call waiting on my cell phone trying to contact their service dept. Eventually I did and in all cases I was told that they would fix the problem and promised to get back to me. No one ever did call me back. The service would re start for a few minutes and then crash again and again. I had to go and purchase a BELL MIFI portable internet device in order to function from my home office.
The worst part was that after returning their equipment and repeated emails to cancel my account they continue to bill me and deny that I have closed the account! These people are incredibly thick, they are a scam for lack of a better word. Stay away from them!

Reply from: sylvie
February 6, 2015
The same is happening to me...they keep billing me even after I have closed my account in early December. .what am I to do?
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Telehop is a Canadian Telecommunications provider with head offices in Toronto, ON. Telehop offers Long Distance calling, Internet, and VoIP services. Telehop had VoIP Home plans which were on the expensive side with high setup fees and monthly fees that were two or three times more of those of other providers such as Phone Power. All along providing nothing special, the features were back then some essentials at best.

In late 2016 Telehop decided to focus on his core business of providing Long Distance services. All Telehop Home Phone customers were moved to G3 Telecom, part of the same group of companies.


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