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Website: www.eastlink.ca
Coverage: AB, BC, NB, NF, NS, ON & PEI
Monthly : $74.95 CAD


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March 10, 2021
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Submitted by: Doug B (Sudbury , ON)
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Eastlink cable internet review

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I use Cable 30/3. Love it but upload is terribly slow and dropouts are common and frequent on zoom video. Eastlink is the most expensive, and all tech support is unable to answer technical questions. They just relay whats available yes/no from their screen. They will not connect you to a trained certified network technicion that actually went to school,
Also they WILL NOT connect you if you bring your own cable modem.
September 18, 2020
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Submitted by: Joanna g Moen (Grande prairie , AB)
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am I asking too much?

i find the internet slow and somewhat unpredictable. Had to do confidential online zoom seminar today and I lost time to poor internet connection. So very frustrating! Is there anything better?

Reply from: Colin Jewell
October 14, 2020
We are looking for a new provider as Telus is just un-useable at times due to very poor speeds, at one stage we had 8.8 download speed, it seems that in Canada there is no internet provider capable of providing what they say they can, you pay good money for a substandard service.
July 9, 2020
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Submitted by: Person (Sudbury , ON)
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Completely useless service. They do not belong in Ontario. Our internet and phone cut out. Called, they said they can look into it in 5 days. That standard would be unacceptable 20 years ago. They claimed there was no outage. Our neighbours also have no service. She called and said they needed more people to call before they'd send someone to look into the problem and that they were very rude. Everyone I know that works for them complained when Persona became Eastlink and @$$clowns in NS took over. They don't belong in Northern Ontario. They are rude, unreliable, incompetent and do not operate a modern business model (service doesn't end at 4PM ADT and close on weekends, welcome to the newish millennium).

Reply from: Gordon Emms
October 25, 2020
I find Eastlink the absolute worst company to deal with.
Always increasing cost and anytime you complain about poor service, they want more to resolve it.
I pay 108 a month and only get 2pmb download.
Crazy crazy company
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Promo Plan Speeds

Download: 100 Mbps

Upload: 100 Mbps

Eastlink was founded by the Bragg family around four decades ago when it obtained one of the first cable licenses granted by the CRTC. Eastlink began its rapid expansion through Canada after having started out as a wild blueberry business. They are headquartered in Atlantic Canada and boast a very strong employee force of 1700 strong. It wasn’t long until Eastlink became one of the few telecommunication companies to offer the “triple play “service in 2000. They now offer a variety of standalone internet plans as well. Our focus is to review the residential plans that Eastlink provides!

  • Internet 100 Fibre, 100 Mbps down first 12-months $74.95 ($100.95 thereafter)
  • Internet 150 Fibre, 150 Mbps down first 12-months $84.95 ($110.95 thereafter)
  • Internet 300 Fibre, 300 Mbps down first 12-months $94.95 ($125.95 thereafter)
  • Internet 1 Gb Fibre, 100 Mbps down first 12-months $119.95 ($149.95 thereafter)

Eastlink home internet plans come with unlimited usage and come with a WiFi router. Current Promotion is to fix the cost for 12-months, then it goes back to regular pricing. In all honesty, the speeds are good though prices are too steep, even though we reckon there is quality in these plans. To say it again, the speeds are very good and unlimited bandwidth is appreciated but you should search or argue your case for better deals.

Another prominent telecommunications company known as Altima Telecom provides a 50 Mbps plan that has an upload speed of 10 Mbps with unlimited usage for only $39.99. The price discrepancy between Altima Telecom and Eastlink is proof enough of how expensive Eastlink can get.

Most internet service providers allocate specific times for customers where they can freely download without being worried about hitting their bandwidth usage cap. However, Eastlink does not appear to add traffic shaping to their plans.

The standard installation fee of $49.95 applies when opting into Eastlink service. One of the few good things about this plan is that it is offered on a non-contract basis so that customers do not feel bound by anything.

All in all, Eastlink should live up to its reputation by providing customers with better internet solutions. The quality of this plan is great indeed, but the price tag isn’t justifiable. Furthermore, Eastlink needs to offer more basic plans such as a 50 Mbps starter plan which is generally what the residential population requires. These high-speed high price plans are not for the everyday internet user and should not be the only options available to customers!


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Have problems with laptop and printer, so require a HARD COPY of monthly bill.Thank you

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last night I called and waited 45 minutes and no one answered me, onlhy a recordin g ever 2 to 3 minutes.i want to t

Hello? Are you ok? Did you have a stroke half way through that message? Please respond, I am worried.

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