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Leopard Networks
Leopard Networks

Leopard Networks

Website: www.leopardnetworks.com
Services: Cable, DSL, Wi-Fi, Dial-up, Dry-loop & Wireless
Availability: BC, ON & QC
Monthly Price: $69.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$69.95 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 30 Mbps

Upload: 2 Mbps



Leopard Networks advertises itself to be the internet service provider that can solve all of a customer’s needs. Whether the customer is looking for a viable replacement or is simply a new customer. They are one of the few authorized re-sellers of the MagicJack which is quite popular across Canada and The United States.

Leopard Networks provides VoIP, long distance, and internet services making it a versatile contender on the telecommunications front. Their headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario.

Ontario Cable Internet

  • Basic Cable 3 3 Mbps Down /256Kbps Up 25 GB/mo $24.95
  • Lite Cable 3 3 Mbps Down/256Kbps Up 300 GB/mo $30.95
  • Lite Cable 3 UL 3 Mbps Down/256Kbps Up UNLIMITED $40.95
  • Express Cable 18 18 Mbps Down/512Kbps Up 300 GB/mo $39.95
  • Express Cable 18 UL 18 Mbps Down/512Kbps Up UNLIMITED $54.95
  • Extreme Cable 28 28 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up 300 GB/mo $46.95
  • Extreme Cable 28 UL 28 MbpsDown /1 Mbps Up UNLIMITED $61.95


Quebec Cable Internet

  • Basic Cable 3 3 Mbps Down/800 kbps Up 300 GB/mo $24.95
  • Cable 3 Unlimited 3 Mbps Down/800 kbps Up UNLIMITED $34.95
  • Express Cable 8 Lite 8 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up 75 GB/mo $29.95
  • Express Cable 8 8 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up 300 GB/mo $39.95
  • Express Cable 8 Unlimited 8 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up UNLIMITED  $47.95
  • Express Cable 15 Lite 15 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up 75 GB/mo $34.95
  • Extreme Cable 15 15 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up    300 GB/mo $50.95
  • Extreme Cable 15 Unlimited 15 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up    UNLIMITED $57.95
  • Express Cable 30 Lite 30 Mbps Down/2 Mbps Up 75 GB/mo $45.95
  • Ultimate Cable 30 30 Mbps Down/2 Mbps Up    300 GB/mo $59.95
  • Ultimate Cable 30 Unlimited 30 Mbps Down/2 Mbps Up    UNLIMITED $69.95


B.C. Cable Internet

  • Basic 1 Mbps Down/256 Kbps Up    UNLIMITED  $24.95
  • High Speed 7.5 Mbps Down/512 Kbps Up    75 GB/mo $31.95
  • High-Speed Elite  7.5 Mbps Down/512 Kbps Up    UNLIMITED  $34.95
  • High-Speed Pro 25 Mbps Down/2.5 Mbps Up    75 GB/mo $39.95
  • High-Speed Pro Elite 25 Mbps Down /2.5 Mbps Up    UNLIMITED  $44.95

Leopard Networks goes a step beyond in terms of providing the best quality service for customers by giving them unlimited usage time between 2 am and 11 am. This applies to all of their DSL plans and no uploads or downloads during these times are counted against the monthly limit set by Leopard Networks. Furthermore, Leopard Networks is currently offering a promotion which allows users to avoid the monthly dry loop fees if they opt into Leopard Network internet services right now!

One place where Leopard Networks beats every internet service provider including TekSavvy is the overage charge. TekSavvy implements a $0.25 per GB charge, while Leopard Networks overage charge is only $0.10 per GB! There is an activation fee when opting for Leopard Internet services. The cost varies, based on which province you are and what service you get.

While the website isn't quite to par, Leopard Networks does offer well-rounded home internet plans we have come across in recent times.

With hard to beat the pricing and generous usage caps, they are a tough competitor to beat. If you’re looking for an internet provider that offers what it says, try looking into Leopard Networks at your convenience!

Maple Leaf Features

Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark
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