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Monthly Price: $24.95 CAD

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RingByName has made a very strong name for itself in the years of its existence. They provide business phone systems to hundreds of clients across North America and Latin America. RingByName recently announced a new product they offer for businesses which would like to offer Cloud PBX to their customers without paying a substantial amount of money. RingByName offers a variety of different calling plans which come bundled with various devices and other exciting products. The headquarters of RingByName can be found in Miami from where they are servicing their clientele across the globe. Let us now, however, review their business VoIP services to better understand their commitment to their customers.

RingByName did not provide the pricing of their business plans on their website. However, they did provide a comprehensive list of features that are quite unique from other providers. Pricing can only be acquired by requesting a quote from RingByName, which we find counter-productive, to say the least. Providing pricing on the website offers more insight for potential customers and this is something that should definitely not be hidden from general view.

The features included with RingByName service are definitely meant for business productivity and success. First and foremost they offer a Cloud-based PBX hosting system for their potential customers. Furthermore, they also integrate with various web based internet products such as Google Contacts, Salesforce, Zoho, and many more. They also offer smartphone apps for Android and iOS respectively, which makes it even easier for modern day businesses to communicate efficiently.

Keeping your previous number is free, activation services are free, and the setup fees are also, you guessed it, free! The call routing system allows callers to directly reach people they had previously spoken to, and last but definitely not the least, is the fact that all of this is offered on an unlimited basis!

RingByName also offers a 30-day money back guarantee which helps us in the matter of not providing comprehensive pricing structures for their various plans. You can also request a demo for their services if you would like hands-on experience with all of their great features. RingByName offers four various plans which are based on the number of users the business boasts.

RingByName certainly brings a lot to the table, and we certainly give them big thumbs up! However providing pricing for their plans would make it easier not only for us to give better insight into their services, but it would make it easier for potential customers to make a choice about their services!

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