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Voicetubes is a Canadian telecommunications provider which focuses on residential VOIP services but also has a business VOIP service. They are based out of Toronto, Ontario.

The company’s mission is to provide high quality international phone service with affordable prices. Voicetubes was founded in 2014.

In our review of Voicetubes, we will look at their business phone services and see if they offer the average consumer any value. We will also see if they compare favorably with GoneVoips.ca’s top business VOIP providers.

Voicetubes does not focus on business operations. Rather, their focus seems to lie on long distance rates and residential VOIP. However, they apply their regular packages towards business services. There is very little information on their business VOIP services, with the one link on their webpage being a broken link.

Their three main options are the budget plan, the standard plan and the elite plan. These differ from their residential options but there is little information on the business plans, while there is more information on the residential packages including prices and features.

The Budget Plan is more designed for individuals and families or general residential services. The standard and elite plans state that they are useable by businesses.

The Standard Plan is their most popular plan but little information on features or pricing is available beyond that.

The Elite Plan is the plan best suited for businesses, according to their website and Facebook page. It states on their Facebook page that the elite plan offers the highest quality and success rate conversions.

They also offer a SIP cordless phone with a handset and a main base for $99 and a telephone adapter for $55. You are not required to buy these but we are unsure if the service will work properly with the adapter you have laying around at home.

There are no activation or set-up fees nor any contracts whatsoever. There is also no information on what parts of Canada they service.

In our review of Voicetubes, we find this company to be a below-average residential VOIP provider which also just adds that these services can be used for businesses as well.

We love that there are no activation or set-up fees. In addition, there are no contracts and you can use this on your smartphone making it a company of interest for residential services if you are looking for a budget option that is light on features. However, in terms of VoiceTubes being a business option, we unequivocally state you should stay away. Never use a company that doesn’t specialize in the service you are seeking. Never use a company that doesn’t list their pricing, even if there are attractive options such as no contracts. Furthermore, the cost goes up significantly, although we love the retro cordless phone (though not the expensive retro prices). Finally, there is no information on what parts of Canada they service. Stay away for this company.

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