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AcVoIP is a telecommunications company that provides various services for business-oriented customers. They provide multiple business VoIP plans for companies that are looking for an economical solution for their telecommunication needs. AcVoIP, however, doesn’t have much to offer about their own history on their website and get straight to the point with their plans and pricing structures just a click away from their homepage. AcVoIP also provides hosting services and stand-alone internet faxing capabilities that do not come inclusive with any of the plans. Let us now review one of AcVoIP’s business VoIP plans to understand their commitment to the game.

AcVoIP provides a business VoIP plan that revolves around unlimited calling and an abundance of calling features. This plan is available at a price of $18.50 per user if the business has over 101 users. However, the catch with this plan is that this price can only be availed if a contractual agreement is made. Without the contractual agreement, the price of this plan is $24.00 per user per month. This tactic of baiting customers into contractual agreements using lowered prices is something we frown upon and would not suggest. Moving forward we will assume the pricing of this plan without the contractual agreement. RingCentral provides a non-contractual plan which allows for unlimited dialing across North America at the price of $19.99 per month. The four dollar difference may not seem like much but considering there can be over a hundred users, businesses are looking at a difference of more than $400 per month.

AcVoIP provides fax services inclusive to this plan granted there are over 5 users – this fax line comes for free. However, if you want to opt into internet faxing capabilities you would have to pay an extra $10.00 per month. It is important to also note that this plan isn’t truly unlimited – ACVoIP implements a hard limit at 3,200 minutes per user and any subsequent minutes spent would cost an extra 2.5 cents per minute. Luckily, however, this limit is quite large and furthermore dialing between extensions doesn’t affect the monthly limit.

AcVoIP gets it right in a few places but it definitely goes very wrong with the contractual agreement baiting. Luring customers into a contractual agreement isn’t considered good practice at all. VoIP providers should be confident enough with their own services to be able to provide them without having to entangle their customers into long agreements.

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