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Website: www.minutel.ca
Devices: Sip Client
Availability: ON & QC
Monthly Price: $3.82 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$3.82 $40

Canada: $0.01
USA: $0.02
Intl. Minutes:

Minutel is a VoIP phone provider that focuses on the Home Phone market. Minutel is based in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  With a very recent formation, have been established in June of 2017. Minutel claims to have registration with CRTC and that it is compliant to CRTC's 9-1-1 legislation.

Now let us review Minutel's Home Phone. It is rather simple, as Minutel offers only one plan. Yes, you read that right. Just one plan. The business model is rather simple. You pay USD $3, or CAD $3.80 per month just to keep the line all incoming and outgoing calls are billed by the minute. Hence the name of Minutel we suppose.

In that, we do have to commend the long-distance rates are some of the better ones we have seen, for example, the long-distance between Canada is $0.01, the USA is $0.02 and India is $0.04. Granted with Noblecom you do get better rates, but we appreciate the effort Minutel is doing here.

In terms of the provided features, there are four.  Minutel comparably has less than most providers nonetheless you do get:

  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding

Minutel also says you can get the Acrobits SIP client, a smartphone app, set up with their services and make calls. Though other than that they did not provide any instructions on how to do the setup!

All rates Minutel charges are in US dollars. They say this is because their wholesale provider charges them in USD and they are a very low margin any exchange variation could throw their business off-balance. Also, Minutel claims to be exempt from taxes as it is a small business and the revenue doesn't meet the CRA trigger.

Minutel offers you to buy, rent or bring your own VoIP ATA. To the Adapter, oddly Minutel calls them VoIP Gateway.  The costing is if you buy the adapter is $40 if you rent is $2 per month but have to add $10 for shipping. You also can buy an adapter with a handset, no specification what type of phone that is but the cost is $130.

You can get a new phone number or transfer your existing phone number, this appears to be free of charge at least at this time.

We do have to comment on the website that is a bit of a web time machine, circa the late '90s or early 2000's Certainly having a more updated look and feel will help capture more customers. In terms of the overall impression, we appreciate the simplicity, but customers looking at Minutel may find in Call Centric a more well-rounded provider. For those that want to have all pre-packaged then Phone Power is a good option too.    

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