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Devices: iPhone, Android & Windows PC
Availability: AB, BC, MB, ON & QC
Monthly Price: $11.70 CAD


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December 3, 2019
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Submitted by: Aanandi (Brampton , ON)
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Good Call Quality

Thus far they have been great. I have family back in India and the Phone Power plan is the cheapest I found. I had tried Vonage but that didn't work as it was way too expensive and the call quality was terrible, though Vonage always blamed something on our ISP or connections elsewhere. On the downside, sometimes their smartphone app is sometimes slow but very slow.
November 15, 2019
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Submitted by: Marisa Samoj (WHITBY , ON)
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great service for an amazing price!

I signed up for Phone Power a couple of months ago. Was really impressed with the price and service features so I decided to get their digital home phone service as to help lower the cost of my cell phone bill. I signed up for their basic service which is only about $12/month and includes 3,000 North American long distance minutes every month plus 60 international long distance minutes. Free number porting. The service has been great thus far and since it is a VoIP phone no problem on my internet connection. What I really like about this plan is that it offers a mobile integration with the Mobile App. My home phone number and long distance minutes are automatically included when I use the app and I can make long-distance and local calls on my cell phone from anywhere with a wifi connection for no extra cost. This has really helped me save on my cell phone bill while travelling to the US.
October 13, 2019
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Submitted by: Karen (Toronto , ON)
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happy to have switched!

I now have Phone Power's basic home phone plan, which costs about $11 a month and includes thousands of long-distance minutes every month in Canada and the US. I was also able to keep my original phone number for no extra cost. You seriously can't beat the price and quality. It just shows you how much other companies are overcharging for the same service. I'm very happy I switched from my other provider which was charging me 3 times as much for fewer features and no long-distance minutes.
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$11.70 FREE 0
Bring your own Device Optional

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: 60 FREE

Phone Power is one of the most popular and award-winning VoIP service providers. A premier phone service alternative with frequently praised North American based customer support serving the Canadian Market. It's no wonder is ranked among the VoIP Home Phone providers. Phone Power was founded in 2006, HQ in Winnetka, California. It has been growing ever since it is the largest privately held VoIP provider in North America. 

In our Phone Power review, we found an abundance of features and constant drive to provide more at no extra cost. Among the top features is FREE number portability, a free ATA with the ability to use two lines with the same number (cloned line) AND unlimited Canada and US-wide calling. Among the plan their current special offer through GoneVoIP is that you get the 2nd year of service free, only have to pay taxes. Believe it or not, not that many providers offering such a generous plan in terms of features, calling coverage and flexible terms in Canada.

Phone Power also supports bring your own device (BYOD) for the majority of the best-known ATAs out there (Grandstream and Linksys), give you a handy softphone for PC/laptop and a free iPhone and Android App plus 60 minutes of free international calling to any of more than 55 countries. You can also add a Virtual number anywhere in Canada, the US and in over 50 countries worldwide.

Curious to see how Phone Power compares side by side to popular giant Comwave? Check out this article.

A very nice feature, explained in the video below, is to ring simultaneously in various devices; for example; calling your home phone will also ring your mobile and your office phone. See the video tutorial.

Phone Power reviews are among the best, making Phone Power one of GoneVoIP favorites providers. In simple terms Phone Power is feature-rich, it is flexible and at an affordable monthly, even if it is a USD rate. Though to obtain the best savings have to be paid annually, and with GoneVoIP promo you pay one year and get second free.

To maximize Gonevoip promo use promo code Gonevoip that will save you about $20 (CAD) Phone Power has no setup fees nor contracts; generally known as very good support service and forum community behind it all. 

Still, thinking about it? Call now to 1-855-462-5349


Maple Leaf Features

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I need very basic phone service in Calgary. I have a number for the area code, I need voicemail tat can forward messages to my email, access 800 numbers and can be used with Bria softphone while I am in Panama. US calling would be nice. Can you help?

The service from Phone Power does include voicemail to email, it has it's own softphone app (for Android and iPhone & Windows computers) I have no trouble dialing 1-800 numbers with mine, though I have heard of cases that sometimes (for whatever reason) it may not work so you'll have to dial the direct number instead. Oh, Phone Power has Canada/US calling included - I never seem to reach the limit, if there is one. It also comes with an hour of international calling for free. I have used this a few times when calling resorts in Mexico planing and attending a destination wedding. Anyhow, that nor here or there. The service is very good and you should be able to take it wherever you go. I took with me, while in Mexico, via my smartphone app.

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do you also have internet service

As far as I know they do not have internet. Though I use them with Yak Cable internet; works perfectly.

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Billing In US or Canadian Dollars?

It's in USD - though even in that case is so good there's simple no comparison. The features, quality and support are excellent. I been with them for over a year now. Quality is very good, I pay in advance so dollar fluctation doesn't affect me much, depends on how it is at that point. Though still is waaaay cheaper than Rogers (I used to have) I pay for the year what I once paid for the month to Rogers when I had to call family overseas, so to me is one of those things well worth it.

I have the service. I think works the same everywhere. (I'm in Surrey, BC) In order to get the savings you prepaid for the year, and they send you the device and port your existing phone number for free. I also used the code to get $15 off - which makes the shipping free too. I'm happy with Phone Power and have recommended to family in Toronto area.

Please provide details about home phone in Calgary, Alberta Canada with monthly fees, equip cost and any other associated/ applicable costs.Thanks

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