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2016 The Year in Review

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It is that magical time of the year when one can look back at the year from the rearview mirror. We started 2016 with a netTALK & Iristel dispute that left thousands of Canadian customers stranded. Then later in the year, the CRTC mandated a skinny TV package,  for $25. In theory, sounds nice, in practicality impact of such a policy is unknown and may be able to measure in a couple of years. CCTS reported Telecom complaints were down overall on a year over year basis. While indeed it is great news, we hope that is because Providers are tending better to Customers’ needs. Not because people stop complaining because of the hassle it takes.  With that said, let’s now look back at the highlights and lowlights of the Year.

Best of 2016

– 1-VoIP Home Phone

This provider continues to grow in the Canadian market. 1-VoIP full set of features and services, which not only include all the works but also going above and beyond – including 2GB cloud disk storage! Tie that to very competitive and reasonable monthly pricing with top-notch customer service and you got yourself a best in class service!

– Call Centric Best BYOD

More and more people are choosing to go BYOD. In short Call, Centric is every DIYselfer dream come true.  Call Centric services are often referred to as robust, flexible yet not overly complicated that will make you think your tax returns are a piece of cake in comparison to setting a calling plan. Call Centric is showing what a mature BYOD provider looks like. Once again is crown as Best BYOD of the year!

– Phone Power All-Around

It is one of the most all-around services you can find. It has an Android &  iOS App along with a soft-phone for your Windows computer. With over 30 advanced features included, free numbering porting, no contracts, BYOD support, and affordable monthly costs there is no doubt why Phone Power has become a Canadian favorite.

Popular in 2016

– VoIP Much Home Phone

The brand continues to grow. It is the perfect balance of needs and wants. VoIP Much consistently delivers a home phone that is sure to satisfy those searching for value, and Canadians love value!

–  Yak Home Phone

For the folks @Yak, this has been a transformational year. Yak switched hands, now part of Distributel. Yak continues to have a laser focus on customer experience, making a difference one customer at a time.  A+ to Yak’s care team.  We see Yak try their hardest to do the right thing, on every occasion and for every customer – that is what you expect from a service-oriented provider! For that reason, Yak continues to be a popular choice for Canadians. As part of Distributel, Yak will continue to grow his customer service-centric approach!

– Rebtel Long Distance

Canadians are blessed to have diverse backgrounds and points of origin. With that comes the need to keep that contact with the home country. Rebtel simply excels, with good value, great quality, and popularity that doesn’t stop to grow!

Worst of 2016

– Comwave Home Phone

Once again most Non-Recommended reviews in the Home Phone category.  Comwave marketing machinery, Tie Domi included, cannot stop the increasingly angry customers’ complaints. Will 2017 finally be the year Comwave takes a customer service-centric approach? For the sake of Canadian consumers, we hope customer care services do improve!

– netTALK & Iristel

The brawl was resolved though you have to wonder how these two otherwise popular organizations got to that point? It all made a bad reputation for the industry and neither netTALK or Iristel benefited from the standoff.

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