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FACT: When reviewing Comwave visitors in most cases feel Feeling angry angry!!

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May 27, 2021
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Submitted by: Carl (Toronto , ON)
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Dishonest dealings

I have found this company to be untrustworthy. My contract with them was up for renewal and I declined. They were charging double the going rate and the same rate as 4 years ago. Prices have changed since I got my account. They then offered me a discount to stay, so I did. My next bill was equal to 4 months of service and they tried to run it through my Visa without me noticing. Needless to say, I called Comwave and cancelled the service. I also told them I do not authorize any further transactions. Comwave then called me back and apologized calling it a system generated error. They said they would revise it and they did. They revised it to the rate I'd been paying the last four years omitting the discount promised so I cancelled it again. Because Comwave is vulnerable when your contract is up for renewal, they tell you anything. Then when you renew they don't keep their word and try to bill an amount equal to 2 years service for breaking the contract. It's a scam this is not a reputable company. I will sue them if provoked further. I will inform the CRTC and BBB as well and that is to start.
April 2, 2021
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Submitted by: Lisa (Ontario , ON)
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I been with comwave so Many years I happy with my internet and TV they are loyal with me
March 3, 2021
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Submitted by: Phil (Morinville , AB)
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Poor Choice

My wife signed us up to Comwave to save money. Perhaps we have, yet the product is awefull. First 2 years constant internet problems. No TV or internet for days at times.
Seems like connections problems were finally fixed a short time ago by Shaw Cable. Even so, when we have normal internet connection, unable to watch anything on TV uninterrupted. Will have mini freeze, lasts a few seconds. Worse yet? Will constantly circle and repeat what you have just watched. Very annoying when watching a sporting event. Constantly freezing and repeating.
Dumb part: We decided to cancel our landline phone, don't want it. It supposedly came free of charge. Comwave agent says we would be charged $300 to cancel service. $300 to cancel a "free service"?
Their customer service people are good and do attempt to give you good service. Yet over the Covid months, it was nearly impossible to get them on the phone. Took 2 years to solve our constant connectivity problem, which turned out to be a faulty wire connector.
Want to compromise quality internet and TV viewing by saving a few bucks? This is your company. If you want decent, uninterrupted internet and TV, good luck with Comwave!
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Comwave calls himself to be Canada’s largest independent communications company, serving over 1100 cities in Canada and over 1,600 in the United States. Comwave's suite of services is segmented into Consumer, Business Enterprise, and Wholesale, and to support customers operates an own network through three geographically diverse data centers.

A few years ago GoneVoIP met with the Comwave team. During that meeting, the Comwave representative claimed the majority of the VoIP (Voice Over IP) traffic in Canada goes over Comwave's own network. GoneVoIP did ask for evidence to sustain such a claim; if indeed this is true fact then why would this is not advertised?!? Needless to say, we are still waiting to hear back for any form of evidence to cross-corroborate.

Now moving on beyond that and to give fair feedback, Comwave does have their own Data Centers and operates a proprietary VoIP network solution. Something many VoIP providers do too. In some unusual part that is how Comwave justifies being one of the most expensive Digital Home Phones in the market.

Throughout the years we have done various Comwave PHone reviews, however, and whenever is done we always note the same. The monthly cost for Comwave's Home Phone is consistent with some of the most expensive in Canada. More so if you factor multi-year contracts. We can attest that when compare reviews to other similar Digital Home Phone providers.

Must Read Now: Side by side comparison Comwave vs Phone Power - Updated. 

One key point here is that Comwave ties offer to 3-year contracts, which not even the wireless carriers are using these days. The promotional offer of 6-months of free service, means you have to commit to 3 years of paid service. You heard right, that is paying for 36-months for Comwave's Phone service. Comwave's terms show through the total 3 and 1/2 years if you add the paid service PLUS the free-months. Also, consider that porting in your number is done for free by Comwave but porting out to another provider there is a fee (at this moment that fee is $50). 

If you want to cancel Comwave at any time, as Comwave claims anyone can, but what they don't advertise is that there's an ETF; (or Early Termination Fee) which usually is composed by; some $120 (the equivalent of 6-months of free service) PLUS $50 (if you port your number out to another provider) PLUS ~$15 (estimated if you have to mail-in Comwave's Adapter) PLUS any outstanding amounts owing on the account. 

Please do Continue to read through the hundreds of Comwave home phone customer reviews in the Reviews Tab at the top of the page.

Comwave Home Phone Service

Shall be noted the CRTC fined Comwave for breaking telemarketing rules. Furthermore also an investigation from the Competition Bureau found that Comwave advertising and marketing misrepresented fees and limitations of the home phone and internet services.

Comwave is not accreditated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) though it is listed and it is possible to view the number of customer complaints on the BBB site. Furthermore, customers of Comwave Home Phone reviews; as those shown below, do indicate hidden or poorly communicated cancellation penalties. In the order of the $100s, for example, a typical fee-trap: porting an existing telephone number into Comwave is free but porting it out of Comwave is subject to a fee.

Comwave's Home Phone Service from a Technology aspect is not half bad, GoneVoIP has seen much worse. Though the pricing is simply not good. At $19.95 a month is only $5 less than Comwave's Month-to-Month plan which is $24.95 and is not tied to a contract. It almost looks as if Comwave is attracting people with their 6-months free offer to 3-years contracts and profits based on cancellations!

When we say Comwave is among the most expensive let's look at the hard facts; Comwave contractless plan is $24.95 and comparable VoIP Much Plan is $9.45 (that's with VoIP Much most basic plan, which is better than Comwave. Same can be compared to VOIPO, Ooma and many others). If you compare just pricing Comwave is about 165% more expensive than other Home Phone Providers!!  

We do recognize Comwave is getting the message GoneVoIP, the CRTC and the Competition Bureau had provided them. Proof of that is how Comwave shows the 6-Months Free Offer, today is easier to see in readable fonts the offer applies to 3-years contracts. Also, Comwave does have a 30-days money-back guarantee; in which you may be able to get your money back if for whatever reason you don't like the service during the first 30-days.

It is disappointing though to have seen in our updated Comwave Review a change in the Terms of service with regards to Home Phone usage. While Comwave's marketing would like you to think is "Unlimited" calling means you can talk all that you want... Comwave's Technical team will want you not to abuse and Comwave's Legal Team changed the "Terms" In the past Comwave Terms granted 3,000 minutes of talking - max call duration of 4-hours. Now the terms don't say what is the limit only that Comwave's monitors' usage and that they may choose to change plans or to suspend the account if they see the activity is over Fair Usage Policy. It would be great to see the Fair Usage Rules for Home Phone use in the number of minutes and calls in terms of Service. We consider this unfair to customers as this could mean potentially hidden tactics to move subscribers to higher/more expensive plans at discretion based on usage policy only known to Comwave and not to their customers. 

In all, if considering a Comwave Home Phone, please do:

  1. Compare plan AND pricing with other providers.
  2. Be sure to ask Comwave Sales agent upfront questions about:
    1. the contract term,
    2. Security Deposit, 
    3. how to get out of the contract, and penalties for breaking early
  3. Finally, learn by reading Comwave Home Phone reviews GoneVoIP has received over the years. Over the last 5 years, the trend has always been negative.

Comwave Home Phone Reviews

Consider that majority of Comwave Home Phone reviews do not recommend it and generally, visitors express anger towards Comwave. You can look at the five-year trend, and how historically customer experience has remained low. The Comwave user experience, as is a negative phenomenon repeated throughout other online review sites.


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Can I get same number I had with Bell Canada and disconnected about 3 wks back


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I just cancelled my Bell Land Line, how soon I can get the same #

Hello, When you sign up with a new provider you can request to keep your existing number. That is called, or referred to, as Number Portability and is applicable to all phone numbers. Having said that, since this is a process managed within the Telephone providers the number you wish to transfer has to be "Active" meaning you cannot cancel the account ahead of the number being ported. Numbers that become available are released to a general availability pool; which most likely in your case will be kept within Bell's pool of available numbers. In your case may be better to get a new phone number. Sincerely, The GoneVoIP Team

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I live in Niagara Falls. Can I have adt security with comeave? What do I have to buy or pay to set up comwave? All services. Phone internet & tv? Can I get cnn and other channels that other cable companies have? How much does it cost for all 3 services monthly? Do I have to sign a contract and if so how long is the contact for? Will a technician install services? I know it’s a lot of questions but I hope you can and will reply back.

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